Best Time For a Caribbean Cruise

Best Times For Taking A Caribbean Cruise

With a whole host of exotic ports of call, each with their own unusual draws, the Caribbean is a favorite for those who enjoy taking cruises. Getting there is half the fun on a cruise, but what awaits in the Caribbean is described by many as nothing short of paradise.

With lush tropical rainforests, waterfalls, rivers, white sandy beaches and water so blue it almost doesn’t look real, the Caribbean has been a favorite for travelers for literally hundreds of years. Unlike anywhere else in the world, the Caribbean’s many islands combine all the elements that make a great vacation great. These include:
* Fantastic scenery: It’s a safe bet those from mainland locations in the United States and Europe won’t have this kind of landscape in their backyards. Sure, there are beaches and subtropical zones in the U.S. and similar regions in Europe, but not quite like this. The beaches of the Caribbean are storied for a reason and that’s not even getting into the wildlife, rainforests and more.
* Outdoor activities: When it comes to things to do, the Caribbean islands offer no shortage of possibilities. From ski and fishing trips to white water rafting and horseback riding, plus golf, tennis and more, this region is meant to be seen from the outdoors.
* Cultural tours: With such a rich history that melds so many cultures together, each island has its own story to tell. Influences here include native, Spanish, Dutch, French, English, African and more. Cultural sites, museums, galleries and more all await visitors to the many islands. Remember, no two are alike, so the stories and the culture will vary.

Considering its many draws, the Caribbean is a favorite for visitors the world over. Whether they arrive via cruise ship or plane, visitors come and they come in droves year-round. There are some times, however, that are better than others for visiting this region.

The Caribbean does have year-round balmy weather that can be picture-perfect on any given day, however the period between June 1 and November 30 can be prone to hurricanes. Some travelers prefer to steer clear entirely during this time, but others like to take advantage to discounted prices of traveling during this window. Hurricanes are far from a daily occurrence, and the season can net some of the biggest savings.

As long as weather reports are heeded, there really is no bad time to visit the Caribbean. The hurricane season might be a little more wet, but unless a big storm is coming, the islands should still be more than ripe for the exploring.