Traveling in Galapagos with Families

Any Galapagos travel guide will tell you that each visit or family vacation that involves families requires a lot of planning. If your destination in Galapagos is meant to include family oriented venues then you have to take one of the Galapagos cruise boats (*Note: some cruises are not available for children under 7 years of age.). Any of the sites that you encounter in the islands of Galapagos will give you an up close and personal view of nature.

The Galapagos cruise boats are filled with interesting sites to see. The Galapagos travel guide of your choice should be able to point out the unique wildlife and numerous indigenous birds that live in and around the islands. The tours will offer you the many activities that include comfort & relaxation for the entirety of your vacation.

Some activities for families with young children will include travel around the Galapagos islands. Also, driving along the coast to see the lava fields and bird watching is a popular favorite of the Galapagos cruise boats. In addition, off the boat there is the Gardner Bay on Isla Espanola, where you can take the kids swimming and for the adults snorkeling.

The planning for this tour should include a few things that are essential to bring along when you have small children to entertain. To make the trip more enjoyable snacks are very important. The island is full of scenery but not full of places to buy snacks along the way. Anyone who has traveled with kids will attest that the “little angels” get hungry and may easily turn a fun trip into a long ordeal without preparation. Also, a necessary item is a swim suit, being sure that they have goggles and plenty of sunblock. In many cases the snorkeling equipment may not be available for small children, but may be bought in advance before getting to the island.

Lastly, it is essential for you to bring a camera for capturing the moments that will be cherished for many years to come. The trip to spot animals like the dolphins, whales, penguins and birds of all varieties will be a memorable part of the Galapagos cruise boats. If you are like many travelers this trip should also include many small items to keep the children occupied so that you can see the sights. The family time can be inclusive or exclusive of the entire family Also, available on these cruises is daycare, but should you choose to use them bring lots of familiar things, such as crayons, travel games, and stuffed animals that will be familiar for them.

Anytime you plan to take a cruise whether its with a travel guide or not it should be well planned, taking into consideration many small items from home to make every moment a quality experience. The ultimate considerations are to have fun, be safe, and enjoy any and all opportunities to experience nature and the true pleasure of a family vacation.

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