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How to Easily Make Shave Ice at home

Shave Ice is a delicious dessert made simply by shaving ice. Shave Ice has its origins in Taiwan dating back to the 7th century AD, however, now Shave Ice is enjoyed all over the world with many different variations around the world. Making Shave Ice (The Easy Way) The easiest approach to Shave Ice starts in your kitchen, there is …

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Recipe Of Baking A Delicious Butterscotch Cake At Home

Do you have a sweet tooth for desserts? Well, if you always have a craving for cakes, then why not bake a toothsome cake at home. Be it a celebration or an evening hunger, cakes are always at the first preference. So, prepare a fresh cake at home for every your family with a few easy steps. Baking a delicious …

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What Are Some Basic Cake Decorating Ideas And Tips

After you have baked the cake, and it has cooled, the next step is decorating the cake. While this can be a fun and pleasurable task, this is also the step that takes a bit of skill and patience. I hope, these tips will allow you to have more fun decorating your cake.

Let’s begin with the basics….

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Cake Decorating How About Birthday Cakes For Adults

Cake decorating for adults are a bit different than those you would do for a kids party. It doesn’t mean they need to be boring or ugly. Below are some great ideas for adult cakes that are fun to make and fun to eat.

Crunchie Rice Cake

In 2 square cake pans, make 2 batches of rice cereal treats a…

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The Cake Decorating Business

Most people don’t think of going into business when they start cake decorating. Usually it is a hobby or because they want to make wonderful cakes for family events. Most people start a home cake decorating business because when they made these great cakes for family occasions, and those who saw th…

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What Tools Do I Need For Cake Decorating

When you begin cake decorating, you can get by with a heavy duty mixer, icing tips, icing bags, cake pans, ready made or recipes for homemade royal icing, mixing bowls, spatulas, and metal icing spatulas. Later on you will want to spread your wings and expand your cake decorating and baking inventor…

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Cake Decorating – How To Make Your Icing Smooth And Even

If you want to become a master at cake decorating, you will need training and practice. Once you have mastered cake decorating you could become famous in the cake making industry. If you are a creative person you could go far when it comes to cake decorating.

Even a person who is new to cake decora…

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How To Make Candied Fruit For Cake Decorating

I remember my mother making fruit cake, she would use candied cherries that she would buy them in little air tight containers. They came in two colors, red and green, but they did not have the best taste. The candied fruit available now is much more beautiful and tastier than it was then. Trust me i…

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A Few Cake Decorating Ideas

Did you know that the first cakes baked in America where small loaves of sweet bread? Look how far we have come. Home bakers should not be intimidated by the elaborate cakes being made today. You do not need to be a pastry chef to make beautiful cakes, you just need the know-how and practice. Of cou…

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What About Candied Flowers For Cake Decorating

Edible flowers are often used as a garnish or as an ingredient in salads. While not all flowers are edible, there are many out there that are. Very few supermarkets carry edible flowers, but they are available at specialty markets that carry gourmet produce. These flowers can be stored up to a week …