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Children Tour Air Ambulance Helicopter

We have all seen and heard the choppers overhead. The familiar sight and sound tells us that the air ambulance helicopter is heading off on another medical mission. Each time the air ambulance flies by, everyone’s curiosity is peaked. Both children and adults will stare and stretch their necks to s…

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Air Ambulance of the Year Award Goes to AirMed

AirMed is an air ambulance service that stands out above the rest. This company is based out of Birmingham, Alabama. The AirMed air ambulance company was the only finalist from the United States to be considered for this honor.

The prestigious award was presented to AirMed by Voyageur Group’s Int…

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What is the Cost of Air Ambulance Transport

If you or someone you love will be needing air ambulance transportation in the foreseeable future, then it is time to start doing a little homework. It is important to start compiling a list of air ambulance services that will be able to meet the needs. After comprising a list of potential air ambul…

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Get Quotes Fast for Air Ambulance Transportation Services

Air ambulance transportation is not a common service that everyone uses on a daily basis. This type of flight is not one that you can click on a travel website and get the cheapest fare available from city to city, or is it?

In non-emergency situations, patients and their family have time to prepa…

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The History of the Air Ambulance

We have all come to know the familiar sound of the helicopter overhead that is flying quickly from the scene of a tragic car crash to the nearest trauma center at a nearby hospital. We may have even known someone who has needed to utilize such air ambulance service. Do you know the history behind th…

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Quick First Aid Training Guide

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can often lead to death. The allergy could be to just about anything from pollen to nuts. It causes great respiratory distress and can include symptoms as mild as minor hives to swelling in the throat that hinders breathing. OK that part is down pat so …

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First Aid Training using Scenarios

These are actual courses that can be taken and are set in an environment that is equipped for all types of situations to make the emergencies seem as real as possible. Usually there is nearby access to water, rugged terrain, water, and woods. Props are used as well as fake wounds and blood.

This c…

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Consider Safety First When Choosing an Air Ambulance

Times of stress often leave people feeling drained and unable to think clearly. When you or a loved one are suffering from medical conditions, stress levels are high. It is important to think of safety first when deciding on which air ambulance company to use. Here are some suggestions to help you p…

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What to Expect When Flying in a Jet Air Ambulance

Medical patients requiring transportation over a range of 500 miles or more wouldn’t dream of traveling by ambulance. Air travel in such scenarios often makes much more sense, but traveling via conventional aircraft and commercial airlines may not always be the most comfortable and safe option for …

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Benefits of CAMTS Certification for Air Ambulance Services

As you shop around for an air ambulance service, you may be confused about all the details. How do you know which air ambulance service is best? If you are looking for air ambulance transportation that is high-quality and lives up to standards, then look for a service that is CAMTS certified.

What …