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What Is Good Vaping Etiquette?

The latest official figures put the number of vapers and e-cig users in the UK at 2.8 million and the figure is rising every day. Although vaping is considered less offending than smoking, there is still a big issue concerning vaping etiquette. Some of the questions that beg answers include: is it okay to vape anywhere? When is it appropriate …

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4 Accessories to Improve your Landscape Photography

If you are a beginner looking to improve your landscape images, then this article will help you. I will share five accessories, which will help you to improve your landscape shots. 1. Tripod The main issue faced by amateur landscape photographers is a shaky image. Most of the landscape photographers capture images during early morning and late evening hours. It …

Collectible Paper Dolls, Perfect for the Young and Young at Heart

Collectible Paper Dolls: Perfect for the Young and Young at Heart

Most girls have their favorite dolls. The collectible paper dolls may just be one of the few, but this type certainly has a following among young girls and young at heart.

What are the Paper Dolls?
Simple, these are figures that are…

Cabbage Patch Collectible Dolls

Cabbage Patch Collectible Dolls: The Mystery Behind its Stardom

Cute and adorable may be the best words to describe why the Cabbage Patch became collectible dolls.

The Cabbage Patch Kids are stars on their own rights with the admiration of fans and supporters, with their achievements and some goss…

Collectible Toy Dolls Are Extraordinary Gifts

Collectible Toy Dolls Are Extraordinary Gifts

When you have daughter, you probably gave her a stuffed animal or a doll. She would take this around wherever she went but at a certain age, they don’t like to play with them anymore and have found other interests. Does this mean that you can’t give d…

Wizard of Oz Collectible Dolls

Wizard of Oz Collectible Dolls

Ever enjoyed a movie and want to take something home with you as a souvenir? Well some manufacturers have done that by creating action figures like for Star Wars and Aliens. One timeless classic that also has collectible dolls is the Wizard of Oz.

One company that ma…

Holiday Collectible Porcelain Doll

Holiday Collectible Porcelain Doll

Dolls help bring out a person’s imagination. This is because she can pretend to be a grown up and let the toy wear fashionable clothes, shoes and hairstyle. In fact, there are a lot of holiday collectible porcelain dolls around and you just have to know where to …

Collectible Cloth Doll

How To Make Your Own Collectible Cloth Doll

Collectible cloth dolls are not that different from rag dolls because they are made of the same fabric. While one is created from a selected the fabric, the other is made from scraps. Because they are easy to make, almost anyone can make one so you don’t…

Porcelain Collectible Dolls

Make Money Buying and Selling Porcelain Collectible Dolls

Who knew that the toys we buy can be profitable? Perhaps only the manufacturers but if you are able to find a good supplier and a list of buyers, you can make money buying and selling porcelain collectible dolls.

Porcelain dolls are not t…

Beautiful Collectible Dolls

Proper Care For Your Beautiful Collectible Dolls

It is one thing to own some beautiful collectible dolls and another to maintain it. If you fail to do so, no one will want to buy it and you might as well throw it in the garbage.

The first thing you have to do when you buy your beautiful collectio…