Why Not Try Magic? The Magic of Repetition

If it serves your greatest good, it’s worth repeating, whatever “it” is! If it doesn’t let it go.

“It” could be an exercise program, a spiritual practice, writing, painting, creating products and services or marketing activities.

It’s natural to get excited about things that feel good like a brisk walk in the early morning air; that you know serve your highest good like yoga or a spiritual practice; that express your purpose or innate gifts like writing or creating whatever it is for you; or that grow your business like marketing activities or designing products and services.

The early blush of inspiration for any of these activities can be exciting. You feel like you’ll do this forever and are already thinking about finding time to do even more of “it.” “It” may even feel slightly akin to falling in love.

It’s great to have your passion ignited like this to get you off the starting block.

But then the dailiness sets in. Maybe you wake up groggy and would rather sleep late, or it feels like a drag to meditate, or you have a morning when the words don’t flow, or you don’t feel like marketing. Sometimes life just seems to gets in the way.

To experience the miracle of repetition you do “it” anyway. The miracle of repetition is that through repeated action, the practice itself becomes self-generative.

You develop new neural pathways. New ways of thinking and habits are created. “It” becomes natural — you don’t question whether you will or won’t. The effects of the practice become exponential.

For example let’s say you’re inspired to begin a yoga practice.

You know you need to be strong and fit to live into the big vision you have. You’ll need a lot of consistent energy, focus and discipline to move forward with it day after day. You know that a yoga practice will provide this.

You also know that yoga tones your body. You have a tendency to be more mindful about what you eat when you practice regularly.

As a result you feel good in your body and how you look. With your vision you’ll be out in the public eye, and feeling good in your body and about how you look gives you more confidence and comfort in being seen.

The “whys” are all in place, no question about that.

You set up your life and your schedule to create space for your yoga practice.

Then you just do it.

The first class may be a pink cloud experience. Or it could be challenging, you’re a bit stiff. In either case when the class is over you have a sense of accomplishment, your body likes having moved.

You go through the good days and the not so easy days. You go whether you feel like going or not. Some days you take it easy in class, and other days you go full out.

Voila! One day you notice you’ve been waking up feeling refreshed for a while, you look forward to your yoga class and your prior snug fitting pants are loose.

Your energy is more even, you are more focused and you’re getting more accomplished. Friends are even talking about the light in your eyes and how good you look.

And it is feels fabulous to be living into your big vision day after day.

You are experiencing the Magic of Repetition!

The Magic of Repetition calls for three things, regardless of the activity:

1. The passionate “whys” for the activity.
2. Arranging your life and schedule to include it.
3. Just doing it, over and over again.

Don’t stop before the magic happens!

Step Into Your Greatness
With the magic of repetition!