What Changes In Our Life With Spiritual Awareness

There are not many who give a lot of attention to their spirit; giving most of their attention to the human body and the ego. Just as most people do not think much about their feet, yet are concerned with the condition of their hands.

The individualized human is made up of three parts; mind, body, and spirit. You would not exist in human form without all parts. At birth and for the first few years you are more aware of these parts then at any other time in your life. A baby spends much of his/her time playing with his feet for no other reason than they are there, and he is connected to all things. As time moves on, he becomes less connected to his body as he now focuses on other things around him as he develops preferences; likes and dislikes. Consciously he becomes a two part person of mind and body, forgetting his spirituality; his connection to all things.

Although he is reaching out in his world to explore where he lives and where he does not, his world becomes smaller as his curiosity about the most obvious and most accessible, fades. It is very much like giving all your attention to your hands – the doers – and less on the parts that take you there – the feet. You spirit and your feet take you where you want to go; and where is that – it’s anyplace you choose?

So what’s the big deal about being spiritually aware? Why would you want to bother about it, and what’s in it for you?

Very much like your feet, if you ignore your spirit, over time you become trapped in a box that takes you nowhere; you become dysfunctional and lifeless. If you are cut off at your feet, you become dependant on others and you lose much of your freedom. Spiritually dysfunctional; you will become arrogant and a victim of your own ignorance.

What do spiritually aware people have that you don’t; they have freedom?

When I say spiritually aware, I do not mean religiously aware. Religion is man’s attempt to explain religion in physical terms. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. We are all spiritual by nature and therefore everything that we do is spiritual.

People who return to their spiritual paths are curious about themselves and all things around them. They have learned from their experience without feet and have rediscovered them for the first time since birth and it opens up a whole new world. People of expanded spiritual awareness become engaged in their own welfare and development. They start to consider themselves first as the center of the universe. They begin to collect abundance, considering the love of self to be their highest priority. They begin to understand that if they have nothing, they have nothing to give. If they do not love themselves unconditionally first, they cannot love another in the same way. They have discovered feet once again and can now move freely along their destined journey.

Being spiritually aware does not excuse one from the physical life, but it frees one to experience all aspects of it. It is the only aspect of our physical existence that is consistent with our soul’s purpose.

As one becomes more aware spiritually, we begin to be concerned for the welfare of our bodies and our environment; giving more attention to our bodies as the vehicle which allows our physical experience. But it is only our experience of the environment that we need to be focused on. We begin to see our connection to it and understand its relationship to all things. The world is perfect as it is, but not necessarily our impression of it. The illusion of the world as it is can be changed when someone decides that it needs to be. Even in a perfect world there are those who don’t experience it as such. So I’m not talking about the world as it is, but as we think it is. Spiritually aware people are simple people who use the system to create their experiences; they are not caught up in it. They understand their relationship to their environment and to others. They live without fear except for the moments they wish to experience it.

Life in the realm of the spiritually aware is ongoing in this life, and the next. Knowing that one continues on even after the physical body has been released is what unconditional love really means. It is the freedom to screw up your life as many times as you wish and still have as many chances as you need to experience what you want with no penance or repercussions no matter what you have done. In truth, it is not possible to screw up your life, because you are creating it, and “experience” is the true meaning of life. As it is only your experience that really matters; it is natural for you to evolve and move past what you are presently experiencing and create something even better.

It is our parents who guide us through this process, whether the relationship is loving or abusive. It is in this knowing that we choose our parents, our time of birth, and its circumstances before we are born. In hindsight we can see that they are the best facilitators in our early life, and they start us on our journey.

To understand this is true spiritual awareness, and accepting the consequences of our choices puts us in the position of creator, not victim. If you can accept yourself as the creator then you will also accept the power to change anything that you do not like or desire. If you do not understand these things it matters not right now. It simply means you are not there yet. What it really is is another way of understanding who and what you are that helps to explain your experiences in a way that is intentional, loving, and created in absolute unconditional freedom.

Unlike religion, spiritual awareness sets you free because there is no hidden agenda. Awareness of whom and what you are opens the way for evolution and expansion past your current beliefs. Every thought or action takes you away from it and brings you closer to the next. Every question leads to another and there are no definitive answers; spiritual awareness is not about answers. It’s the kind of questions that you ask which reveal your level or place of spiritual enlightenment. The prize or gift of enlightenment is in knowing or experiencing the trip.

The greatest gift in a life of awareness is in knowing that you can do no wrong, that your spirit never dies and you will never be punished. That you have absolute freedom to experience all that you desire and in doing so you will move to a different place of knowing from where you came. The trip itself is not about knowing, but of experiencing. It is your only purpose, it is what life is. In your physical life this awareness is paramount in moving from your present place to a better one. Practically, it makes your physical life easier, but doesn’t excuse you from it. The liberation comes from knowing that you are creating every circumstance of your physical experience. You are not a pawn or victim. You are both the creator and the created, and you are interacting with yourself.

In this knowledge you will find comfort and the joy of living in a physical world which is nothing more than a buffet of experiences that you choose from.

In spiritual awareness, everything changes. The circumstances of your life are known to you and expected. The magic of what the physical experience is becomes addicting and desired. Fear is no longer a part of the equation by choice. The beauty of how the system works becomes visible no matter what the experience and death becomes welcomed, not as an escape but as a doorway to new opportunities and experiences. This little secret will become known to all in the correct time and place as he/she evolves.