Voice Biometrics – Solutions Against Fraud

Most people have either heard of a crime against someone, or even had the misfortune to experience it themselves, whether they were burgled or mugged, had their mobile phone or credit card stolen, or were a victim of identity theft. Increasingly common, criminals who steal another person’s identity are very clever and inventive in the methods they employ to obtain access to private personal data, which they then use to open bank accounts and apply for credit cards, loans, state benefits and documents such as passports and driving licenses in that persons name. This can cause an extreme amount of stress and trouble to the person it is happening to and play havoc with their financial status.

Fraudsters are very smart and it should be the priority of every large client based organization to guarantee and assure customers they’ve incorporated a high enough level of security to protect personal records and ensure they remain private.

Voice recognition applications are much more sophisticated than speech recognition, a system that merely interprets what the user is saying so it can direct them to the next step in the process or send them to the right department and currently the most frequently used for telephone banking and information services. Voice recognition actually identifies the caller by analyzing the characteristics of their voice and verifies they are who they claim to be.

Generally anyone using telephone banking to access their account and financial details have been required to enter the account number followed by a secret pin code that only they should know. Although still in use in the majority of organisations this is soon to become outdated as more sophisticated and effective methods become available, and the costs of such systems make them more accessible to not only the large institutions but also smaller companies.

Every voice is totally unique and it is a much more effective method of authenticating a callers identity than using pins and passwords which can easily be copied or stolen by fraudsters, when it comes to confirming who is on the end of the phone it makes sense that voice patterns are the most efficient.

Instigating voice-enabled caller identification and verification solutions into a business structure can automate the whole process of authenticating callers and guarantee customers personal information is kept private, offering protection to them and the organisation. It also eliminates the possibility that the caller could either manipulate or persuade the agent into passing on information that they have no right to.

With the software removing the call agents from the equation and the automated service taking over these monotonous and routine tasks a vast amount of valuable time and money can be saved. Coping with thousands of phone calls every day is boring and repetitious for an agent especially if the same questions and queries are being asked over and over again, voice biometric authentication are now being incorporated into all kinds of businesses as their benefits become obvious.

Voice recognition software is so far advanced these days that callers with all kinds of strong accents and varying tones can be understood, even if they are prone to speaking quite quickly. They have the ability to cope with up to 160 words a minute and are exceptionally proficient and precise, obviously even the very best system isn’t 100% foolproof and there is going to be the odd mistake made, just like humans can sometimes have a problem understanding a particularly strong accent!

You can find leading suppliers of customer service solutions for all sizes of organisations – start looking today and introduce a positive customer experience that will improve the daily operation, boost profits and guarantee security and privacy for users simply by analysing current methods and facilitating applications that employ speech recognition software, voice biometrics and associated interface technologies.