Pregnancy Sign & Symptoms – Understanding The Sign Of Pregnancy

Missed period is the most commonly known pregnancy symptom. Even if the period arrives but if the bleeding takes place is lee than the normal then it may also be considered a sign of pregnancy. However, unless you go to your doctor for a checkup and a blood test is performed there is no sure early pregnancy symptom. Still, in addition to the missed period there are several signs that can be considered as the pregnancy symptom. Let us try to understand what are these signs so that we can take complete care for the pregnancy health.

Backache, Constipation And Change In The Color Of Areola

Backache is one pregnancy symptom that is also very common to almost all the pregnant women. Along with the backache most of the pregnant women also make complaint regarding constipation. There are two main reasons for the constipation. The first reason is the changes in the hormone secretion and the second one is growth in the size of the uterus. This grown uterus presses the bowels resulting in the constipation. Similarly, color of theareola is also an early indicator of the pregnancy. If the color of the areola or the nipples of the breast is darkened then we can assume that the woman is pregnant. In fact, this is a pregnancy symptom that appears within one week of the conception.

Feeling Of Sleepiness, Increased Frequency Of The Urination And Developed Sense of The Taste And Smell

Another pregnancy symptom that may appear anywhere between one to six week of the conception is the feeling of the sleepiness. This pregnancy symptom continues for the rest of the pregnancy period. One more pregnancy symptom that appears after the 6 to 8 week of the conception is increased frequency of the urination. Hormonal changes in the body are again responsible for more frequent urination. However, one more reason responsible for this is increase in the pressure on the bladder. Power of the senses of smell and taste of the pregnant women also increases considerably.


One more very common pregnancy symptom is nausea and vomiting showing up after two to ten weeks. However, degree of nausea varies widely from person to person. For some pregnant woman this may be just a mild nausea feeling while to some it may result in full fledged vomiting. This is more popularly known as morning sickness. However, it may occur at any time during the day. In most of the cases it is observed that the size of the breasts of the pregnant women increases. They also start feeling a little bit of the tenderness in the breasts. Experts explain it as the preparation of the body for the breastfeeding.