Knowing When To Let Go: Personal And Professional Lives

In our personal and professional lives, we face growing pains – circumstances that challenge us, stretch us, and prepare us for our heart’s truest desires. These circumstances exist to strengthen you and get you ready for the next level. The problem is that it is difficult to determine whether the challenges and obstacles you face are normal growing pains or a sign to give up a delusion.

Whether it’s a growing pain or the pain of trying to force a delusion, it is still painful. And the pain, coupled with the deep desire to make something work, can lead to confusion. So, how can you tell whether the challenges you are facing are normal growing pains or whether they are a sign to end it? The key is to understand the difference between a growing pain and a delusion.

In a true growing pain, you are on an upward path. Despite the challenge, there is forward movement. You may have a temporary setback – something that makes you feel hopeless about your progress. But overall, you can look back at where you started on your journey and see how far you’ve come and how much you have grown. You are closer to achieving your desired outcome than when you first began. You are stronger or more skilled from the challenge. Even if you continue to experience similar types of challenges, each one brings a new level of growth and understanding, no matter how seemingly insignificant. minuscule. Most importantly, when you check in with your gut (your Spirit), there is a KNOWING that, despite the challenge, it’s not time to let go. This knowing is usually quiet and something you can feel viscerally.

Unlike a true growing pain, you know that you are trying to hold on to a delusion when you find yourself going in circles. There is no progress or it is minimal in light of the effort you’ve put in. The setbacks are persistent and without sufficient reprieve to rebuild. When you reflect on your situation, you are hard-pressed to come up with reasons why the situation was necessary. The lessons from the experience are unclear. You can not see how your experience has helped you grow. The same types of situations occur or intensify, but you haven’t changed – you haven’t gained a new skill, perspective, insight, or knowledge.

If you are unclear whether it is time to let go of a person or situation that no longer serves you, take time to carefully reflect on your situation and see whether it more closely resembles a growing pain or a delusion. If it seems like a delusion, then check in with your Spirit before you make the final decision to let go. You will have a knowing – a small quiet voice – and a visceral sign as to which path is the correct one for you to take at this moment.

Letting go of a person or thing that is important to you is hard to do. It’s not a decision that should be taken lightly or made rashly. But, the kindest and most loving thing you can do for yourself and those involved is to let go of something that no longer serves you.