Jelqing is a penile massage technique and one of the most popular ways of increasing the size of the penis. The techniques consist of “milking” the penis is such a way as to break down the fibers of the muscle and get good blood flow through the penis, which results in gains in length and girth. It may sound dangerous, but when properly done, there are no risks.

“Milking,” sometimes called the “Arab Jelq” from Middle Eastern fathers who would prepare their sons for sexual relationships by teaching them this technique, consists of wrapping the thumb and index finger around the base of penis while semi-erect and repetitively forcing blood into the glands of the corpus cavernosa (the spongy tissue that fills with blood and expands as a result of nitric oxide being released into your blood stream during arousal). Studies have shown that by utilizing this and other simular techniques, the penis length can increase up to 1.4 or more inches and girth up to 1 inch or more.

Preparation of performing jelquing consists of wrapping the penis in a warm towel for several minutes to allow more blood flow. This will help expand the blood vessels. After this is over, the person can began “milking.”.

Lubrication is also needed, whether it be oil, Vaseline, or whatever your favorite lubricant may be. Do not try jelqing while showering, or use any irritant like soap on your penis.

Investing in a jelqing device that is expressly designed to help perform penile exercises to length the penis. Make sure to purchase a device that has been approved by Medical Doctors for use by their patients.

Despite the many web sites offering free jelqing instruction, it is best to buy a book or video tape to learn the proper techniques, and to prevent any injuries that may occur. Proper jelqing techniques can be easily learned, but to for the best results, time and effort is needed, and sadly, a simple one-page web site does not give enough information to really help very much.

Jelqing, unlike some other penis enlargement methods, does not require the purchase of any extra or expensive products. Most people know that penis enlargement pills and pumps are scams. Jelqing has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and it appears that it is here to stay. The fact that it has existed for so long is a testimony as to its effectiveness.