Getting Rich with the Law

Creating Abundance Through The Law of Attraction

Have you ever experienced this?

6:00am, and your alarm is ringing in your ears. Your first thought is “not again, I just want to sleep.” So you get up to hit the sleep button and you stub your toe. Then you accidentally fall asleep again and wake-up 30 minutes late. Now your rushed through your morning routine. As your driving to work repeating, “I can’t be late, I can’t be late” you get into a small fender bender which not only makes you late but puts you in a bad place because you haven’t paid your car insurance for a couple months.

Your experience may not be exactly the same as this, but I’d be willing to be that you have gone through something similar. What is happening here? Is it coincidence, fate or just plain bad luck?

I am here to make the claim that when your experiencing that, you are creating that by what you think. I know, I know… you think I’m crazy. You’re probably thinking or even saying out loud as you read this, “Why would I want to create that for myself.”

There are laws in this world that everyone lives by, whether you know it or not. Sure, there are traffic laws that we sometimes obey, and other laws that if you don’t obey you’re putting yourself in jeopardy of fines or worse, jail. But there are bigger and more powerful laws that each and every one of us live by.

The easiest way to put this is, there is a law in this world, or this universe that states – “You get what you think about.” It’s really that simple. “You Get What You Think About.”

So let’s examine this simple principle in relation to money and abundance. What are your thoughts towards money? Do you think about how rich you are or how much money you have, are you thankful for the large bank account you have? Or, do you worry about paying the bills, do you attempt to figure how you’re going to get rid of your debt? Do you wish that you had more money so you could buy what you want?

You see, the Law Of Attraction, which is working whether we accept it or not states that “Thoughts Become Things, or like we stated earlier, “You Get What You Think About.”

So, are you thinking about debt, bills and lack of money? If so, what does your bank account look like? Most likely, if you are thinking about debt and bills you are experiencing more debt, more bills.

Let’s take Bill Gates or Donald Trump. Each of these men have created massive fortunes through their respective work. Each a billionaire. Do you think Bill Gates and Donald Trump think about debt and bills? They have debt, they have bills but is that what occupies their mind? Of course NOT. They are thinking about wealth, abundance, and what they can create with their money and success.

Are you thinking to yourself, Gates and Trump are different, they actually have money to do whatever they want. AH HA. Here is the key to Law Of Attraction. They have money, they have success because that is what they think about.

Try a simple experiment for yourself. Put into your mind a person who you have not talked to in a long time. Think about that person and some experiences you’ve had with them. Keep that person’s image in your mind for a few days. It doesn’t have to be constant, just keep thinking of that person from time to time. Something amazing will happen, it may be in a day, or a week or a month. But eventually that person will call you, or you’ll see him/her on the street. How does this happen…. “You Get What You Think About.”

Use the Law Of Attraction to your benefit. Think about wealth, success, riches, large bank accounts, your dream life. Think about the good in life and you will get the good life has to offer.

Remember, “Thoughts Become Things.”

Copyright (c) 2006 Eric Seidelman