Food and Beverages for Good Dental Health

A healthy diet plays a big role in the maintenance of good oral health – what you eat and drink can have a huge impact on how your teeth will look like, how strong your teeth will be, and even what your breath will smell like. Read on to know more about how you can use your certain food items and beverages to ensure that you will get to enjoy your healthy, bright smiles for a much longer time.

Eat and Drink Better for Improved Oral Health

Water – When you drink water, the food debris and other particles left in your mouth are washed away, cleansing both the inside of your mouth and teeth surfaces. Swallowing and drinking water also helps boost saliva production, which will neutralise acids on teeth surfaces.

Green Tea – The leaves of green tea have compounds called catechins, which help in fighting bacteria that can cause cavities and plaque to form on the surface of teeth. Aside from taking care of your dental health, drinking green tea can also aid weight loss.

Mint – Mint is a natural breath freshener, and is commonly added to various oral hygiene products. Aside from the freshening scent and flavour it gives to your breath, mint also has anti-inflammatory properties that help protect your gums. Another breath-freshening food item is parsley.

Onions – The antibacterial effect of an onion’s natural compounds has a toxic effect on bacteria on teeth surfaces, and inside the mouth; fighting these bacteria decreases the chances of tooth decay from developing. The antibacterial properties of onions are more potent when they are eaten raw, so you may want to postpone a social activity right after enjoying the onion’s bacteria-fighting power.

Kiwi – Rich in Vitamin C, Kiwi helps in ensuring that gums stay healthy to support teeth. Other fruits that are high in Vitamin C (and promote healthy gums) include guava, strawberries, and apples.

Milk and Unsweetened Yogurt – Both are good sources of calcium that keeps teeth and bones strong, and healthy.

Cheese – Being a dairy product, cheese is also high in calcium, which keeps bones and teeth strong. Cheese has a neutralising effect because of its alkali pH, and helps fight bacteria that cause cavities.

Celery – Chewing on somewhat tough celery stalks is just like brushing your teeth, and can promote better production of saliva that can wash away food particles from tooth surfaces.

Sesame Seeds – High in calcium, sesame seeds act as a natural exfoliator that scrape away plaque and food particles from teeth surfaces.

Nuts – Snacking on nuts helps ensure that your body is supplied with essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphate; these minerals are important in keeping teeth strong and healthy.