Zurvita – A Higher Way of Life/A Higher Way of Living

Zurvita – A Higher Way of Life/A Higher Way of Living

If your a Zurvita Distributor or your simply looking into Zurvita as a business opportunity there are several things your going to want to know to be successful in business.

You see, if your like 97% of network marketers, your struggling to gain any momentum in your business worthy of mention. Why? Because you have no idea how to market your product.

Zurvita has five products:

* ZurvitaChoice by MXenergy
* ZurvitaHealth
* ZurvitaTech
* ZurvitaCareSaver
* ZurvitaProtection

These products are all great, but they are just products. Learning how to market is essential to moving product.

Back tracking is a great way to come up with your end income desires. How many folks in your organization is it going to take to make $10K a month? How are you going to find those folks?

Are you going to talk to your friends and family? Are you going to put up fliers on telephone poles, cars and at your local healthfood store? The fact is, people hate doing those things.

The good news is, you dont have to do them anymore. If your looking to join the 3% leaders in this industry, you are going to need to do what the leaders are doing to build their businesses.

We build our business online and on auto-pilot. What I mean is, we use SYSTEMS.

How different would your Zurvita business be if you were able to generate 25-50 leads per day and put 20-30 new REPS in your business every month? You may be saying, “That’s not possible”. I say, it is possible because we are doing it.

Using Social media like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter is not enough. You need to gain knowledge of attraction marketing techniques and how to use custom landing pages, auto-responders, videos, etc. to take your business into the 21st century.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again. So if your hoping for something to happen and all of the sudden your going to be a top Zurvita distributor, think again. It’s going to take a system and some work to get top earner status.

Take advantage of what our community has to offer: guidance from top producers in the MLM industry, a complete marketing system that goes to work for you and most of all, private coaching from a top earner in the industry, ME.

Josh Boxer