You’re Only Human

No matter how much positive energy you have, and no matter how enlightened you think you are, there are going to be times when you find yourself in another place.

All too often those of us who are aware of our spiritual nature forget that we are also human, and subject to human emotions, depression and negative energy.

You are here to experience the human condition and for practical experience it doesn’t really matter how spiritual you think you are-you will experience all things physical. What your spiritual awareness or enlightenment brings to you are opportunities to experience something really positive when things are crashing down around you. All your awareness does not serve you and is of little value if you cannot put it to good use in your human experience.

To maintain your positive energy and forward motion it is good practical sense to surround yourself with people and things which represent that positive energy. The more sources you have of positive energy the more likely you will maintain your own higher levels. We are surrounded daily by people and circumstances which offer us opportunities to test this energy. These opportunities are gifts as they bring positivity into your awareness and a chance to demonstrate it. You cannot be positive if you do not know you are positive.

It is important you have many sources of this positive energy. It is not good practice to rely on only one source-sources fluctuate and dry up. Be careful to select people and places which offer the greatest potential to recharge your batteries. It is not important that you should always be giving, and the greatest gift you can give to another is an opportunity for them to give back to you. It is a wonderful time that allows them to express themselves positively-to demonstrate who they are and it doesn’t always have to be about you-giving.

It is important and practical for you to recognize when negative thoughts or events come into your awareness as early as possible. It is you opportunity to turn the situation around in your head. It is also an indicator of how high or low your positive energy levels really are. It may be an occasion to positively demonstrate your wisdom and turn things around in your favour. It is important not to be negative about negativity. View these occasions as positive opportunities and not life threatening events-you are human, and you are subject to human emotion and feelings-it is a blessing, not a sentence.

My first realization of this occurred when I was a young boy and I deliberately stepped on a priests toes several times to get his attention-he was angry with me!

It’s OK to be spiritual, holy, aware, full of positive energy, and still experience emotions. At the time I was devastated, but soon realized I would also be angry if someone steps on my toes several times. All too often we place ourselves and others on pedestals and expect them and ourselves to live up to unnatural expectations.

The truism, “You’re only human” is a natural fact of life. It’s good to remember it from time to time while you are trying to be something more than human.