You’re My Best Friend

My friend, don’t be sad…
I’m here for you no matter what,
I’ll never leave you I swear,
Like your family who’s always there.

If you have problems, don’t be hopeless,
I’m here to guide and give you happiness,
Just be strong and brave,
You can do it with all your strength.

Please don’t be worry for nothing,
Instead you must thank for everything,
You must face your life without fear,
“Coz God and I, are just near.

I’m always thinking of you,
‘Coz you’re my loving bestfriend
And I hope you’ll cherish me,
Until the time ends.

Wish you many blessings to come and God Bless!

Moises P. Reconalla

About the Author

Moises P. Reconalla is the School Guidance Counselor and Working Students Supervisor at North Davao College, Panabo City, Philippines.

He has taught several courses at the college including: Guidance and Counseling, General Psychology, Philippine History: Roots and Development, General Anthropology and Sociology, and Dr. Jose Rizal: Life, Works & Writings.

All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright 2007 by Moises P. Reconalla

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