You’re Already Achieved Everything You Intended

Think that the title is false? Did your want a fancy yacht, yet you’re sitting on a beat-up chair in a rented apartment? Did you Want it or Intend it, there is a difference.

We’re surrounded by a culture of Want. You can’t look around without some material object being presented as “the solution to your happiness.” We’ve all Wanted many things throughout our lives.

Intent is something we have a lot less experience with these days. Intent is beyond simply wanting something. Intent is the single-minded focus on a goal that cannot be shaken. When we meet someone who lives with Intent, we usually view them as lucky. They have gotten everything they ever intended to have, while we are disappointed by our continual lack of the things we want.

Everyone can live with Intent. The objects of our Intentions are not simply manifested out of thin air. They are manifested as the result of the decisions we make and paths we walk down while living with Intent. Filling our mind with thoughts of our goals is Intent. Choosing to spend our time on activities which may encourage our goals is Intent. Openly receiving opportunities to move closer to our goals is Intent. Doubting that we’ll ever achieve our goals is not Intent. Tirelessly pursuing our goals with infinite patience is Intent. With Intent, we can manifest anything.

Do you want to be health? Focus on your healthiness with Intent. Let your intent guide you. Subtle options will become available to help guide you to the path of healthiness. Your body will react to the Intent by fighting off germs and viruses more effectively.

Do you want to be rich? Intend financial success. Discard preconceptions about how your wealth will be acquired and focus on the accumulation of money. Let the opportunities to make money guide you to the method of achieving your goal.

Do you want to be happy? Wake up every morning Intending to be happy. When life deals you lemons, make lemonade. With every conscious moment, in every situation, follow through on your Intent to be happy.

Everything we are right now is the result of what and how we Intended to be in the past. If we didn’t live with any particular Intent in the past, we didn’t guide ourselves to this point of our lives as successfully as we could have. If you’re happy with where you are right now, that’s great. If you’re current lot in life could use some improvement, don’t despair. From this point on, you can live with Intent and ensure that your life only gets better. We all have the power to manifest everything we Intend. Don’t waste it.