Your website is complete and looks great now you want everyone to know about it.

So what is so great about directory submission for your SEO? The benefit of a directory submission is that you will get a link back to your website from the directory after the submission and you can get it for free.

A link back to your website is important for your seo because the more links pointing to your site will increase the rating of your site and it will be indexed by what are called search engine spiders. What the spiders do is they follow links from site to site and when your site is one of those sites then the links are added to your link profile. Sites that are indexed show up higher in search engine results when people are searching for your products or services on a directory. Therefore you are getting to reach more of your potential customers by showing up higher in the index than other sites that have less links thanks to directory submission.

How do the web directory sites work? Well, a directory is a list of websites that are placed into categories and subcategories relevant to the business or service they provide. The subcategories allow for much easier search of the information that your potential customers will be looking for. When you list in subcategories this makes it much easier for the search engine spiders to locate them. Search engine spiders visit directories much more than they visit a lot of other sites and the reason for this is that the web directory sites link back to the websites listed in their categories and subcategories. Therefore directory submission gives you much quality back links and more potential for your customers to find you.

How then do get the directory submission done right? Directory submission is not that difficult a concept, although it is important to choose the right directory for the submission. A good way to determine whether you will be noticed on a free directory is to check the page ranking of the directory itself to see if the website directory has a good ranking. Other options are to check the sites and see how they are growing, if you see a site is growing then it is a very good sign that it is a popular directory already, or is getting up there in the in terms of popularity.

You will also find that there is different kind of directory sites for submission, relative entirely to your business, or a general seo-friendly directory which cover a variety of information. Both forms are effective in your purpose, so you submit on a general and a specific directory to increase your website exposure in general. Do not feel you should be limited to one for directory submission, there are many and you can use as many as you wish. Your aim remember is to get your website noticed and get those quality back links to your website in turn making your website a higher ranking itself. There are no rules that limit the number of web directory sites that you list with, only the directories themselves may have rules that do not allow you to list.

The next step, get the maximum benefit from directory submission. How do we go about that? Well just posting your website onto a directory is not enough you have to have more information than the details above to be successful in what you are doing. Firstly make sure that your website text information is high standard so that you will have people clicking on the link and coming to your site, it is not enough to just make submissions you need to have an interesting and people catching text used in your submission. An important point is that you must vary your descriptions; you should not be using the same description for every directory that you place submissions. People who are searching for specific products or information will browse the directory lists and not just click on the first available option if they can easily find something that provides more specific information to their requirements.

Now, make sure your information is good, make sure that you make as many directory submissions as you can to different directory sites for maximum exposure. Make sure the directories allow the easy back link to your website and that they are easy to manage. There is no point submitting to a directory that is hard to follow. Check that the web directory sites you are choosing will let you put in links to your inner web pages as well as this gives more chance for the people to find you with better indexing options.

So here are some tips and hints for getting your website off and racing in the world of seo with directory submission. The website marketing for all businesses is a tough place to get into and without the right tools many businesses do not get what they wanted to achieve from the websites. These pointers should help you get started and if you follow these tips you may find you far exceed your expectations for your new website. Good Luck to you!

For search engine optimization you should consider the benefits of deep linking. Deep linking SEO is an important way to improve your rankings. Links to your website will help to increase your search engine ranking. If you are serious about your SEO strategies and are building links you need to ensure that you are creating are deep links. And using deep-link directory submission is a very effective way to get those links.

Google considers all pages of a website, not just the home page and with this in mind you need to ensure that your linking strategy is including as much pages of your website as possible instead of just focusing on attracting links to your home page. If you focus solely on your website home page and ignore the individual pages you will find your rankings do not increase as fast as you would like it to. So when developing your strategy you need to consider your website as individual pages and therefore deep linking SEO to take into account the individual pages and their specific information to your potential website visitors.

A deep link is a link that goes directly to an internal page of your website and not to your home page. That means any other page on your website where the visitor will get to the page and miss visiting your home page at all. The more pages that are deep linked and visited by customers or visitors to your website the higher the page is considered in major search engine rankings therefore the more improvement to your SEO.

Deep linking SEO has many advantages to the serious website or online business owner such as the fact that search engines will locate the links and note them as more important than links to your home page. The search engines will also give higher ranking to the internal pages of your website.

There are a variety of ways that you can create deep linking SEO into your strategy such as the following: Make sure your website is well set up and has a good menu or system for getting around your website. You should also refer to your own internal pages whenever you can within your website.

About half the directory sites will allow deep-link directory submissions, however many are generally the web directory sites that you must pay for to place your directory submissions, but in that case they usually allow 3 deep-links and give you a top-ranking on the page, or even on the top-category page, if they also give you your own detail page with a long text on it, then they are surely worth considering as a part of your link building strategy.