Your Time On Earth Is Far From Over!

As we begin to age, we usually begin to question how long we have left to be alive. (Have you ever experienced this?) Perhaps, after several decades of life, we begin to take stock of our accomplishments, and wonder if some of the dreams we have cherished since childhood will ever come true. In moments of despair, we might imagine that, for some dreams, it is simply too late.

Some lucky people, when they reach the stage when such questions arise, enjoy a sort of second childhood. They try new things, and try to live life to its fullest, as if there really were no tomorrow.

Others feel as if their hands are tied by their fears about tomorrow. They are hesitant to set out on any bold new endeavors, wondering if they will have the time to complete them. They may become more reticent, more timid, even more secluded. They feel as if the only thing left for them to do is waiting, as if the only event remaining in their life is its end, their death.

This mindset can lead to serious depression if allowed to spiral out of control. If such dark thoughts are encroaching, the worst thing you can do is remain inactive, with a feeling of helplessness. Challenge yourself to remain active, no matter what it takes.

The fact is that many of the world’s greatest thinkers, artists, and leaders only begin to hit their stride later in life. Over their decades of life, they have amassed invaluable experiences, a wide perspective, and, often, a wisdom, that younger people can only envy.

At this stage, the opportunities to create something enduring, no matter what your sphere of interest is, are greater than ever. All it takes is your own determination to make peace with life’s uncertainty. After all, it is just as uncertain for younger people as it is for you, though they rarely give thought to that fact.

Show the world that there is fire left in you yet. Get out there and do something completely new. Try new sports, new friends, talk to that stranger, take that trip to somewhere you have always wanted to go, but kept postponing. It is time to stop putting off your dreams for tomorrow. If you think, “it is not the right time” or “not now, later” then when? Maybe the “right time” will not come to you…

Perhaps it is true, perhaps there is no tomorrow. All the more reason to live today as if it were your last. This is the kernel of true wisdom, at any age. Life is precious – savor every bit of it, even to the last drop, as the great blessing that it is.

Here are a few tips to eliminate any fears that may hold you back from trying new things:

1. Know your enemy. The enemy is fear, and to fight it, you must understand it. Pinpoint the source of your fear, and ask yourself about its origins.

2. Enjoy a change of perspective. The way we see things can radically change our impressions, and that goes for the objects of our fear as well. Shifting our viewpoint may eradicate our fear completely.

3. Give yourself a pep talk. Don’t be a defeatist, or beat yourself up. You’re not too weak to overcome your fear; you simply need to take action.

4. Learn acceptance for the way things are. Some things we cannot change, such as the fact of death, so we must simply make peace with that fact.

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