Your Thoughts Can Alter Your Health

Your thoughts have a lot to do with nutrition and your attitude to what you eat. Let’s have a look at how your thoughts can influence you with regard to nutrition, taste and health concerns:

” Repeating thoughts, whether consciously or not can make you believe them to be factual, whether true or false. If your mother told you that it’s unhealthy to drink wine with your meal, that notion may remain with you the rest of your life.

Whether true or false, the ‘wisdom’ of your teachers must constantly be challenged as new nutritional discoveries are made.

” “Take no thought for your life, what you shall eat..” (Luke 12:22) The Lord is your Provider. He does not want you to worry and fear.
” It is good to take time to be quiet and meditate on the Word of God. Listen to the still voice and follow your instincts when buying food. They’re usually good.
” Check how you express yourself. For instance, do you say things like “I’d die for it,” “these shoes are killing me?” Maybe you express that you hate spinach or that you wouldn’t touch squash with a ten-foot pole.

Every time you say such things, you confirm your thoughts about that food and can ‘taste’ it in your mind the way you think you remember it from long ago. Some people have such preconceived ideas – maybe based on one less than tasty experience – that they refuse to ever re-discover certain foods.

Words are powerful! Consider this: God spoke the universe into being! His Word is all powerful. It is the implementation of His thoughts. We speak substance to our thoughts! When we speak negatively, whether in jest or a common expression, we give power to those words as we declare them as truth.

Conversely, as we learn to declare our wishes and needs out loud, they will manifest themselves! The more we speak good things over our lives, the more we believe them and they will come true!
” How do you react when you hear a bad report on the news? The media may ‘warn’ that “everyone who does not get the ‘flu shot will be seriously ill and chances are blah, blah, blah,” Those are all spoken words!

You can choose not to entertain all the negative news coming your way! Instead, make a conscious choice to replace it with positive thoughts and words. You can direct your destiny with how you think and what you say!

” The more open your mind is to trying new things that you know are good for your health, the more your attitude will change and your taste buds will follow!

” The Dutch have an expression stating that whatever food a farmer is not familiar with, he does not like. In other words, if he’s never tried it, he has already condemned it in his mind by assuming he won’t like it and therefore won’t even try it!
How about you? Are you willing to try new things for the benefits they can supply to your body? Or, would you try ‘wrapping’ some of the vegies you’re not very fond of in new recipes? When etiquette demanded that I at least try something I did not like at someone else’s home, I very often discovered it was actually delicious! Why? Well different spices or sauces along with a graceful setting and good company can make all the difference.

Enjoy God’s ample variety of deliciously nutritious provision to keep your body functioning at optimum health!