Your Single Best Emerging Market To Sell To…besides your current customer list.

What group of consumers is least price resistant? What group makes their buying decisions the quickest?

What group of Americans spends the most money, on the best quality (and most profitable) stuff?

Who are these people?

Salivating yet?

“The Mass Affluent”

Not the super-rich. The Mass Affluent. The fastest growing segment of our population.

We are in the middle of a Demographic Revolution. With the peak of the Baby-Boomer population (of which most of us are included) and the shrinking of the so-called middle class, we are seeing the emergence of a new Spending Class. These people need to be understood and targeted. Did you know that 22% of our households have over 55% of all the earned income? Yup. Think about this…over half of all income goes to a fifth of the homes in the USA.

It must be easier to sell to that 22% than to any other segment of the population. After all, they are spending most of the money!
Want more? Try this;

This one-in-five group is 200% more likely to own at least one brand new car. They are 200% more likely to own laptops.
They read twice as much as the rest of the group, & watch less TV.

Hmmm…. Philosopher Jim Rohn said that the average home worth over $300,000 has a giant Library. The average mobile home has a giant screen TV.

The Mass Affluent invest in real estate other than their own home. They invest at a rate 4 time that of the rest of the population.
Over 25% of this group owns more than one residence. That means they have to buy twice as much stuff for their homes.
Two thirds of this group shop online & a third never will. They tend to buy more out of trust for the dealer than price.
This group averages $1,303 a year (2006) in new furniture.

This Is A Fantastic Opportunity To Multiply Your Income By Catering To The Emerging Mass Affluent Population.
You have the opportunity to upgrade your business, products, and prices to attract this growing profitable “Free-Spending” market segment.

This is the antidote to Big Box competition. Your antidote to price cutting local competitors.

Your best customer is one where price just isn’t the issue. Of course, price matters. It just isn’t the determining factor.

How would you like to never hear “Oh, we can’t afford it?” Market to the people who never..ever say that.

“But Claude…My customers don’t have the money”. That’s because you are attracting the kind of buyer without money.

“Mass Affluent” is making $85,000 (total household income) a year or more. Not Rich….just Comfortable.

Frankly, an average two income family is pretty close to that.

In our store, all our ads are directed to this group, and no other. Of course, we want everyone to buy from us. We like everyone, but if you are going to pay for an ad, don’t you want it to be profitable?

I’ve included a sample ad we run every month. The ad costs us $240. It generates from $3,000 to $12,000 in high profit sales every month. Enjoy.

By the way, I have several subscribers that will be resistant to selling to the well healed. Mostly because they believe that in their town…these people simply don’t exist. I assure you, they do.

The average millionaire drives a Ford truck. A Red Ford truck. They own a non-descript home in an average neighborhood.
And they don’t talk about money.

Sound like anyone you know?

22% of the people in your town have enough money that it’s not a factor in their lives. They just aren’t telling you about it.
Sell to them.