Your Programming Predicts Your Future and is the root cause of how you think, feel & act

As we discussed earlier your success must be defined by you. This becomes your purpose or your “why” in life. Once you have it defined the first ingredient you must possess in the attainment process is to have a “burning desire” and “relentless commitment” to its achievement.

Without desire and commitment fueling your success adventure you might as well just throw in the towel now because you’ll never achieve anything worthwhile without it. This is what gets you through in the trenches of life where most people fold and quit.

You see I believe firmly that “Freedom is worth fighting for” because you and I were created to live in liberty (Gal 5:13). Deep down nobody wants to have other people or things controlling them. We all desire freedom.

One of the coolest things about a state of freedom is your ability to live your divine purpose in life. The point of freedom is not to just do nothing, but to create a way to benefit others by doing what you truly enjoy.

You were not created to do things all day long that you “dislike”. You have been given interests, inspired opinions, skills and talents to be used to benefit others. This is where you’ll most likely make your best money and definitely enjoy yourself and life the most.

Ok, so back to the first of the success ingredients desire and commitment…

Some people seem to naturally have desire and or commitment while others seem bankrupt in those departments. I’m often asked why? ..or how do I get them?

Let’s start with desire. Through experience the only way I’ve found to increase desire level is to have you understand “programming”. The computer was invented based upon the human mind and what ever is programmed into a computer is what comes out of that computer.

It’s the same with us. Desire and commitment level to a large degree are determined by what you are programming into your mind. Every single thing you do from the people you hang with, to the movies you watch, the music you listen to, the sermons you hear, the seminars you attend or listen to on CD, and the books you read all count as programming.

“Everything that goes into your mind right now is programming your future”!

If you want to get fired up about your life and raise your desire and commitment levels simply Control or Filter what goes into your mind.

Basically limit the negative input and increase the positive and empowering stuff and you will be doing success back flips of every morning as your new programming starts to kick in and begin working. It takes some time so you have got to hang in there at the start which brings us to how to stay committed.

We go into this a lot more in =>

I’m going to give you an amazing commitment secret later on but for now understand this… “commitment doesn’t even start until you don’t want to do something”.

Most people are led by their emotions and therefore never stay consistent. When I do fitness coaching and I’m training someone to work with weights I explain this as key ==> The secret is to “ignore you emotions”, especially in the beginning because they will tell you to stop.

“Let your schedule lead you, NOT your emotions”. It doesn’t matter if you feel like working out or not, if your planner says Tuesday at 3PM it’s time to train…you have to show up to do it. NO EXCUSES you absolutely must honor your self promise, it’s vital.

Simply put.. toughen up, man up, woman up.

Start putting empowerment into your mind everyday and watch the transformation in your life. The bible states that we are to “focus and meditate” on GOOD things. Start choosing your programming right now…

This is arguably the most powerful success secret in history.

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Signing off for now…

God Bless

Fired up Phil