Your Path To Eternal Fitness: News That Will Change Your View Of Fitness

If you really want to get in better shape and live a life where you feel good about yourself, then this article is a must read for you…

Are you happy with your body?

Have you ever heard of those ab gadgets and gizmos on TV, you know the ones that you see and know are completely worthless.

I’m willing to bet you have!

While all these gizmos sound like fascinating news. I’m sorry to tell you they’re one of the most worthless tools you can spend your money on.

People are always looking for the easy way out, the wonder drug or the miracle pill, some people just don’t want to put in the hard work and dedication required to put their selves on the road to fitness…

These gadget companies would have you to believe that doing just 5 minutes a day on their wiz-bang machines without doing anything else will have you ready to hit the beach in a matter of weeks.

News That Will Change Your View Of Fitness

Well unfortunately many people fall prey to such advertisements and it really irritates me as a Fitness Coach to see such things in this country. In this article I’ll cover the essential components that absolutely must be present for any weight loss or fitness program to be successful

Any weight loss program must have 3 key components present in order to be successful.

A Supportive Eating Plan

Stressing Your Muscles

Cardiovascular Conditioning

I want to go into a little more detail about each of these starting with:

Cardiovascular Conditioning

First let me say that aerobic activity definitely is important when it comes to weight and fat loss, however you can go too far, which may be news to you!!.

Aerobic exercise is very popular with women of all ages, and some would have you to believe that endless hours of cardio is the key to a shapely body, but I have to tell you it’s not.

Not only is excess cardiovascular exercise not the best thing, but it can in fact be detrimental to successful weight loss. As a Fitness Coach this is probably the most common misconception in the health and fitness confusion.

In short excessive cardio will break down muscle tissue, and muscle tissue is metabolically active in the body, which basically means that it burns calories 24 hours a day even while you sit down or sleep.

So you want to preserve as much muscle as possible by limiting the cardiovascular exercise to around 30 min. 3-4 times per week. To supplement the weekly aerobic activity some form of strength training should also be included!

Stressing Your Muscles

This portion of the fitness formula is often forgotten or just left out intentionally.

Really it is not very hard, overloading the muscle just means putting higher than normal amounts of stress on the various muscle groups in the body to ensure that all of your muscle is at least maintained while on a weight loss phase!

This can literally be an endless amount of activities, from push-ups and pull-ups to rock climbing or whatever strikes your fancy. Most importantly if it is something that you enjoy you will much more likely to continue doing it.

Continue with this News below where we talk about Supportive Nutrition, the last pice of the fitness puzzle.

Supportive Nutrition

The nutritional aspect of a Fitness program is probably the most confusing for many individuals in this country.

After all with literally hundreds of different diet’s and their books touting the various forms of food exclusivity or focusing on just one food or food group or macro-nutrient.

Often times people are so confused that they just don’t do anything which is the worst thing you can do. Whatever you do, do something, you don’t have to have a perfect plan, just to get started. This is news to most people, and a different way of viewing fitness.

You always have the opportunity to get better than what you are currently doing, move up in your nutrition knowledge and your habits.

So really what are the right foods to eat, should you eat half a cow’s worth of meat every week, or is fat-free cookies and fat-free ice cream the way to go.

Really, all you have to do is just a healthy, balanced food plan that your mom would be proud of. It is really, so simple, just think of what common sense would tell you.

Would 3 cinnamon rolls for breakfast be better or a couple of eggs and some fruit, or perhaps a bowl of oatmeal with some cottage cheese?

Basically you want to eat as many unprocessed foods in their natural state for carbohydrates, various forms of meat are great, limiting the amount of high-fat meats to a few times per week. Then you need to add a small amount of healthy fats through, almonds, walnuts, avocados, fish oil and other good fat foods.

The Sum Of All 3 – The Ultimate Fitness Secret

None of these 3 componenets can get you the results you are after on your own. You need the combination of all for a multiplication effect.

So to sum up when you here someone say that they are going on a diet, remember this news and ask them what they mean. Are they just going to try and starve themselves through calorie deprovation.

A diet or fitness plan in order to be successful should include those 3 elements as discussed, and they are again to remind you, moderate amount of aerobic activity, overloading the muscles, and probably the most important a balanced and healthy nutrition plan.

I hope this news has helped you. Now just take action and expect succcess!!