Your Own Internet Talk Radio Show

Everybody is talking about the latest trend on the net net video but what about the latest trend for people like me who don’t care about video on the web? I would rather tune into a talk radio show so I do not have to use up 100% of my attention and still be able to do other things. I have always preferred talk radio over to listening to just the latest music. I have always thought that someday I would like to have my own radio show. I have heard about people who have rented out AM radio time for their own show and I thought I would have to wait until I had some extra money for this.

Introducing internet talk radio where anyone can have their own show at no cost. If you want your own Internet radio show you have three options and each of them is free. There may be other choices that I am not aware of but here are the three that I have checked out myself. The only thing you will need to do with each besides providing your voice is to get listeners for your show. One of the easiest ways is to add a link to your email signature.

The first solution is using a software called Shoutcast. This solution is for a live streaming radio station.and needs a dedicated server with a large capacity of bandwidth per month. Just one listener would require a bandwidth of 45 gigs per month. The advantage with this option though is you get a radio station that can operate 24 hours a day. The other two options I found only allow you to have either ninety or sixty minute show per day.

Globaltalkradio is the second option I found and they have been doing internet radio for several years. Both this option and Blogtalkradio make their money if your show becomes real popular and they can then sell advertising on your show. I know Blogtalkradio will even give you a percentage of this advertising dollar so you will be able to make money on Blogtalkradio. All 3 options allow you to have guests in on the show plus listeners can even call in.

Do not worry about the quality of your voice as this will improve over time. With the second 2 options all shows that you do are recorded and a visitor to the site will be able to listen to old shows that you have done. You might want to put a button on your own personal site that allows people, visitor, to listen to your show plus your archived shows. At least with internet radio your demographics for the show are worldwide. You might also consider putting your show on CD and then giving away the CD’s.

I have seen quite a few people trying to sell courses to get your own radio show but with internet radio this information should be free. The only thing I would consider maybe paying for is publicity for my show.