Your Natural Medicine Box for Diabetes Treatment

Today, more than17 million people in the United States alone suffer from some form of diabetes symptoms. Thousands more are diagnosed with Type 1, insulin dependent, or Type 2, non-insulin dependent diabetes every year. The rise in the number of people developing diabetes is directly related to diets high in fats and sugars, a drop in activity levels and the growing numbers of Americans diagnosed as being overweight or obese.

Diabetes symptoms might include weight loss or gain, accompanied by excessive thirst or frequent urination. Diabetes is related to the rise of blood sugar levels in humans, and due to a growing imbalance of chemicals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body during early stages of the condition, and the inability of the body to create enough insulin, the body then turns to other sources within the body for its energy.

Taking charge of a portion of your diabetes treatment includes watching your weight getting daily exercise. Good foot care is essential, because one common diabetes symptom is poor healing and circulation, especially in the lower limbs. Taking natural vitamin and mineral supplements to enhance your body systems is another way to ensure long-term health.

For those predisposed to diabetes, such as those who have a family history or medical condition that causes diabetes, natural herbal supplements can also help to keep your diabetes under control, in conjunction with a special diet and medications prescribed by your doctor.

If you are currently taking medication for any conditions and before taking any kind of natural supplements, always check with your doctor first to make sure that doing so won’t affect your diabetes treatment or produce adverse effects.

Fighting Diabetes Symptoms the Natural Way

Some of the best natural health products available today to help in the treatment of diabetes are:

– Vitamins C and E
– Chromium
– Bilberry
– Gymnema
– Alpha Lipoic Acid

Vitamin C and E may help to prevent vision problems, another diabetes symptom, due to conditions such as retinopathy. People diagnosed with diabetes need more vitamin E because it helps to improve insulin action and helps to oxygenate the blood and also serves to improve glucose tolerance.

Vitamin C is also an essential for diabetics, and since diabetes affects the absorption and distribution of the vitamin, physicians often prescribe their patients to take between 1 and 3 grams of Vitamin C each day to help lower sorbitol levels in diabetics, which can cause damage to nerves and kidneys when accumulated. Adding vitamin C to your diabetes treatment will help to prevent such conditions.

Other natural supplements such as chromium and bilberry are also used with diabetics. Chromium, a trace mineral helps the body to break down proteins and fats, as well as consume sugar. Bilberry is a berry that has been used as a natural remedy for hundreds of years in Europe and is believed to help prevent cataracts and other types of vision loss caused by diabetes.

Another natural herb becoming more common in diabetes treatment is called Gymnema, a plant that grows in the tropical regions of India, and has been used by Indians for over two thousand years for treatments for diabetes, water retention and constipation. Gymnema lowers blood sugar levels in the blood while raising insulin levels and also aids in the uptake of glucose into body cells.

Alpha Lipoic acid, more commonly known as ALA, is a fatty acid, which, unlike vitamins, is manufactured by the body, but in very minute amounts. ALA acts as sort of a piggyback ride in conjunction with insulin to help it work properly.

Being diagnosed with diabetes brings with it many changes, but these days, research into diabetes treatments offers those diagnosed with the disease opportunities that were not possible a generation ago. With your doctor’s knowledge and permission, taking natural supplements can increase your sense of well-being and maintain the lifestyle you’re used to.