Your Greatest Hope For Survival is Not what You May Think.

Your greatest hope for survival in this spiritual creation and the next will be in your ability to think outside the box.

What you know as your truth now is limited. All things change-you, those around you, the environment, and the sky. Life in a box is a closed system and by its very nature is limited. Without new energy and new life coming into the coffer there is no probable possibility of survival.

You cannot hang on to what you have now-eventually it will all disappear-your friends, your family, your neighbourhood, and eventually you. Many people who have lost the people and things around them have also lost the things by which they have been measured. It is the other physical objects which give relative definition to us.

Without a skinny person to compare myself with, I would not be able to call myself fat. Without the challenged person to compare myself to I would not be able to call myself whole, nor would I be rich without the poor person to judge against.

As evolving beings we must constantly redefine ourselves otherwise we become relics. Life is change itself-it does not stand still. We stop living when we become comfortable with the status quo. We turn into the living dead. Some of the people I grew up with died when they turned 30 years old. They stopped using their brains and relied on what they learned in the first thirty years to carry them over the next thirty. When they retired they tried to get back the first thirty years and became lost looking for something that no longer exists.

Changes are difficult for many because we become too comfortable with the old slippers. For those who actively embrace change it is just the opposite-they live their lives to the fullest because they are constantly living in the defining moment. They do not lament about the past nor do they mourn for those left behind.

Sometimes choices are difficult in the outset, but as one gets used to change, it becomes expected and welcomed.

Every few generations a new human is born into a world that has become stagnant. These new humans are faster thinkers, smarter, and restless. They are designed for the new world and its technology, and they come to advance humanity into a new evolutionary period. The last era was the industrial revolution. It has taken us as far as we can go and will be replaced by another revolution leading us into a new era of thinkers and doers. These people will have greater purpose and resolve to correct the mistakes of the recent past. They will be dedicated to expanding man’s mind and awareness past our present environment and understanding.

Humanity evolves despite itself, but ever so slowly. Those who hold close to change make the most of the time they have here. While those who have died and stayed, live with their regrets or at best have made peace with them.

There is no purpose to your personal life, other than the one you give it. There is no right or wrong about living your own life one way or the other, unless you genuinely believe there is. In the bigger picture you have lived your life perfectly and you cannot do otherwise. However, your greatest hope for survival no matter how long or short your lifetime is, is to live it to the fullest through a life of constant transition.