Your Future is Just 15 Degrees to the Left

The Law of Attraction has become a widely used phrase in the metaphysical, spiritual and holistic communities for some time now. Although this rock-solid law of the universe has been around since the beginning of mankind, it is just recently that mainstream America has begun to take notice and ask: “Is it real and does it work?”

For the novice, the definition of the Law of Attraction in its most simplistic terms is as follows: Like Attracts Like.

When taking a broader look at the meaning, most will have you believe that all you need to do is place a picture in your mind of something you want, hold on to that thought, feel good about it, and then stand back and watch it manifest into your life.

That certainly sounds simple, and it makes for an entertaining short movie, however using your thoughts to intentionally manifest your future requires some in-depth knowledge about how the mind, brain and body work in relation to each other during the manifestation process.

Intentional Manifesting
The Law of Attraction is the underlying principle of intentional manifesting and expanding the definition adds a little more depth and clarity towards how to properly use it. Taken from my book, Empowerment Through Dynamic Meditation, the law is explained as: “Anyone who concentrates, with desire, belief and expectancy, on a particular thing, condition or circumstance, will manifest that into their life.”

The main point to note in this modified definition is: “concentrates, with desire, belief and expectancy”.

Concentration, the ability to give exclusive attention to one thought, is the first essential part of the equation. The next and equally important parts to accurately using the Law of Attraction to your greatest advantage are desire, belief and expectancy.

Simply put, you must first have the desire to focus on what you want, while taking the appropriate action towards getting it. Second, you also must believe you deserve to have it and third, you must expect you will receive it.

When you invoke a thought with the intent of manifesting and align it with your desire, belief and expectancy, you are now halfway there to successfully attracting what you want.

I say halfway there because in my opinion, the vital part of using the law to intentionally manifest a particular thing, condition or circumstance into your life is not just knowing what to do, it’s knowing how to do it in a way which will give you the specific results you want.

Making the Law Work for You
With concentration being an essential component of intentional manifesting, it’s critical to understand how to do it in the best manner.

As I mentioned earlier, the mind, brain and body all work in relation to each other during the manifestation process. Also note that with the overwhelming amount of information coming at you on a daily basis it’s almost impossible to focus your attention (or thought) on something long enough to have it be effective.

Therefore, learning to relax all three (the mind, brain and body) at the same time is something which must be done prior to putting the law to work. By far, meditation is the ultimate way to accomplish this task. Placing your brain in an Alpha rhythm where the frequency of it slows down to approximately ten cycles per second is an outstanding way to get your body and mind relaxed and ready to intentionally manifest your desires.

Achieving this level of relaxation opens the gateway to the subjective subconscious mind, an important resource in the manifestation process, and allows you to actively participate in creating the future you want. The last step needed to achieve manifesting success is pointing your thoughts towards the future.

15 Degrees to the Left
During a 22 year period from 1944 to 1996, Parapsychologist Jose Silva became a pioneer in the study of the mind and its ability to obtain data in order to solve problems and correct situations while at the Alpha level of meditation.

In his early years of discovery and experimentation he worked primarily with children because of their natural intuitive ability and the ease of which they could reach the Alpha level. During many hours of testing his theories of how the mind works, he deduced from observing the meditating children that when they focused on the future, they leaned and/or turned their heads to the left.

After further research was conducted, Mr. Silva concluded that in the subjective meditative state the past is to the right, the present is centered straight ahead and the future is to the left.

This lead Mr. Silva to develop two Dynamic Meditation Techniques, which he incorporated into the Silva UltraMind System in 1997, that allow people who meditate to specifically focus on creating future events.

By shifting the focus of your thoughts subjectively 15 degrees to the left from the center, in your mind while in the meditative Alpha state, the subject can clearly delineate the future from the present and activate the intentional manifesting process.

This breakthrough in Dynamic Meditation has helped millions people of become proficient at dynamically creating the future they want and bettering their life.

Intentional manifesting utilizes the natural power which lies within the Law of Attraction. If you take the time to correctly learn the meditation process, and become skilled at concentrating your attention on what you want, then you too will soon discover that your future is just 15 degrees to the left.