Your Friendly Neighborhood Hypnotist

Your Friendly Neighborhood Hypnotist
Properly trained clinical hypnotists are everywhere these days to help you get the life changes you seek. And whether you do sessions in person or over the phone, help only takes a few sessions, making it affordable. Motivation, weight loss, better golf, stop smoking, plus a host of other issues you may have, are easy stuff for your friendly neighborhood hypnotist. Be assured that research shows that hypnosis works for all kinds of personal issues, and the internet is full of research papers showing excellent results. The American Medical Association recognized hypnosis as an effective method way back in the Fifties, that is, over fifty years ago. So read on and find out how your friendly neighborhood hypnotist can help you.

How It Works
Hypnosis simply sets your conscious mind aside and goes into the subconscious, effecting the changes you want at the deepest level. Hypnosis is not mind control or brainwashing. It simply provides access to the hard drive of your mind, the same hard drive whose primary directive is to protect you. This means hypnosis can not make you do anything against your will. Your friendly neighborhood hypnotist knows this, and will have no objection to you taping all of your sessions. Confidentiality is protected by law, and you have the right to ask for a copy of your file notes whenever you like.

You Can Come Out of Trance at Any Time
Every hypnotist knows this is true. Any client can pop up out of trance at any time by simply choosing to do so. Lucky for us, being in trance feels so good at those wonderful levels of deep relaxation that most clients almost never pop up into full alertness in the middle of a session. I teach my clients self hypnosis the easy way at the top of the first session so they can experience it for themselves, both going into and coming out of trance all by themselves, quickly and easily. Self hypnosis is a ridiculously easy skill that anyone can learn inside of ten minutes.

You Have To Want To Change
Because hypnosis is neither mind control nor brainwashing, you must, must, must want to make the change. It can not help you stop smoking if you do not want to. It can not make you lose weight if you genuinely prefer being fat. Let us use the common example of self hypnosis for pain management. If your chronic pain gets you out of having to show up at work and you like that more than you dislike being in pain, you will likely resist learning and doing the simple techniques that will reliably ease your discomfort. If the money you get by being at home in pain means more to you than feeling good, then you are not likely to cooperate in making changes. This means you have to be ready to let go of your pain. The hypnotist does not outvote you.

Body and Mind Are the Same Thing
If you would like proof that the body and mind are the same thing, simply think back to a traumatic event in your life and notice where you feel that in your body. Typically it will be in your chest, solar plexus, or stomach. Think of your mind and body as a continuum, overlapping more with similarities than being separate with differences. Both are manifestations of your consciousness, your awareness, and neither is healthy without the other being healthy as well. Addressing both the body and mind simultaneously works better than either alone. This is why diet pills do not work; as soon as you stop taking the pills, all that weight balloons back. Your friendly neighborhood hypnotist understands this. One must question whether your pharmacist does.

Why Your Insurance Company Does Not Cover Hypnosis
Your insurance company executives have seen too many old movies that misrepresent the technique. There has never been a single film or tv show that represented hypnotherapy accurately. Not one, not ever, not yet. So, insurance executives sadly continue to decline coverage based on inaccurate public perception. These are the same executives who only recently accepted acupuncture, and not long before that, chiropractic treatment. Hypnosis will be next, my friend, as more alternative methods become acknowledged in the mainstream as being drug free, affordable, and effective.

Group Sessions Versus Individual
Individual sessions will work far, far better for you because your friendly neighborhood hypnotist can tailor your sessions to your exact circumstances. On the other hand, group sessions are cheaper. So here is what to do. Go to a group session first and experience trance. See for yourself how serene those deep levels of relaxation truly feel, and notice that you can absolutely come up out of trance any time by simply choosing to. Then schedule your individual sessions in person or by telephone so that you can get the tailormade attention that you need. A few folks get results from attending a single group session, but the numbers are dismal. (And that is why group sessions held in hotel seminars offer the questionable guarantee that if it does not work for you, then you can come back as many times as you like for free. One must question how many times that might entail.) If no hypnosis groups are offered where you live, purchase CDs and test drive hypnotic trance that way.

Certified, Board Certified, and Licensed
Your hypnotist should be certified and display that certificate in her office. She may even be board certified, which is even better. As for state licenses, only Indiana and New York issue state licenses for hypnosis. In fact, the easiest way to know if the hypnotist you intend to see is ethical, simply ask her if she is state licensed as a hypnotist. If she works in Indiana or New York, she may legally answer yes; anywhere else, the answer is no. Make sure your hypnotist works ethically and in compliance with state laws. Any friendly neighborhood hypnotist will happily and honestly make clear to you the laws regulating hypnosis in your state. This may mean that you need a written referral from your doctor to give to your hypnotist.

Hypnosis is so easy, you do it with your eyes closed.