Your Four-Legged High Blood Pressure Treatment (and Friend)

If you suffer high blood pressure symptoms and you also have pets, guess what? You’re in luck! Recent studies have shown that animals and birds can significantly help lower high blood pressure. In essence, they are natural high blood pressure treatments (and they’re cuddly and entertaining, too!)

Here’s 5 reasons why animals make such powerful high blood pressure treatments:
1. Animals are Loving

Have you ever had a “down” day and come home to the wagging tail of your “best friend”? It’s tough to stay “down” when he’s greeting you with a wet tongue and a friendly nuzzle. And the endorphins you’ll feel from the surge of love you get from this creature will actually help in the treatment of high blood pressure symptoms.
2. Animals are Forgiving

Though some cats have a habit of holding grudges, most animals are much more forgiving than their human counterparts. This unconditional affection has a strong affect on you as the owner, since you’ll always know that your pet won’t turn away from you in your time of need. Even if you’re stressed out, your dog or cat will no doubt be there to help in the treatment of your high blood pressure symptoms by assuring you that you’re still wonderful in his or her eyes.
3. Animals are Everywhere!

Maybe you don’t have a pet of your own. But don’t despair and assume that you cannot use an animal as part of your holistic treatment of high blood pressure! Animals and birds are literally everywhere. And even if you just watch a red cardinal flying around the park or a squirrel nibbling an acorn in your backyard, you’ll still get the advantages of high blood pressure treatment even though these creatures aren’t specifically “yours.”
4. Animals Encourage Exercise

Don’t feel like going for a walk? Don’t want to do your high blood pressure treatment exercises? Try telling that to a dog who desperately wants to go for his daily walk! You’ll never be able to shirk on your exercise regimen when you have a sweet pet who is demanding your attention. And physical activity is highly effective in the treatment of high blood pressure symptoms.
5. Animals are Lifelong Friends

You’ll never forget your first pet. He or she will always stay with you, even after he or she has passed on. That’s because animals are lifelong friends to us, and just their memories are strong enough to keep us going. Though you might feel a twinge of sadness that your buddy is no longer with you, the happier times together will always have a positive effect on you, including on your high blood pressure symptoms. So get out some old photos of all the creatures who have loved and been loved and stroll down memory lane.