Your First Servings of a Nutritional Supplement

This article provides some suggestions on taking your first serving of a nutritional supplement. It focuses on starting an Aloe-Vera and Sea Vegetable supplement but can be applied to starting a variety of liquid nutritional supplements. It shows you how to get the best and the most from every subsequent serving you take.

So, how much should you take as your first serving?

First, if you have not already done so, complete a Health Evaluation Questionnaire and determine your health index. Once you complete the questionnaire and have determined your health index, you will have an idea of the amount and frequency of a liquid nutritional supplement is best for you. If you simply taste the supplement to see if it is right for you, a serving of one to two ounces is adequate.

Some general guidelines about your first serving:

1. Gently shake the bottle of your nutritional supplement. This will mix the tiny bits of sea vegetable pulp with the aloe vera. You should shake the bottle before every serving.

2. For your first servings, use a measuring cup. We have a tendency to under or overestimate how much is one, two, four or eight ounces so using a measuring cup will allow us to reset our estimating process.

3. Use the same glass every time. Once you’ve measured out the specific amount that you want to consume, pour it into your favorite juice or wine glass. Note the amount from the measuring cup and how much that amount fills your favorite glass. Doing this for a few days will eliminate your need to use the measuring cup. Note that you do not need to worry about taking too much of a whole food product. It is like eating oranges or bananas. You’re not at risk of overdosing with a whole food.

4. Take a small sip and hold the liquid nutritional supplement under your tongue. Wait about 10 seconds and repeat several times. Special cells under the tongue absorb nutrients directly into the bloodstream. You will almost be able to feel the supplement ‘disappearing’ under your tongue. It’s actually being absorb by these special cells. The more quickly you body absorbs the supplement, the more likely your body needs it!

5. Store your open container of Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetable liquid nutritional supplement in the refrigerator. It’s a whole food that has enzymes, amino acids, and other live nutrients. Keeping it refrigerated will ensure it maintains its potency. In addition to refrigerating a whole food, since it is a whole food the nutritional supplement can be taken on either an empty stomach or with meals. However, when first starting out, taking it on an empty stomach may cause some discomfort with those that have a stomach condition or any stomach toxicity. It could make your stomach feel queasy. If this occurs, you can reduce or eliminate the feeling by eating a little bit of food. The Aloe Vera in the supplement can also be used after a meal to aid digestion and ease any stomach upset or heartburn.

Before you drink your First Serving, take a moment to examine how you are feeling. Sense your energy levels, the degree of pain you may be experiencing, or how other symptoms may be bothering you at the moment. After taking your nutritional supplement (remember holding small sips under the tongue for maximum absorption), take another assessment of how you feel. Some people enjoy the benefits right away, others within a few days, and others over a period of a few weeks. The benefits depend on your body and the amount of toxins within it.

It is worth discussing toxicity for a moment. If you are concerned about heavy metals or toxicity (various elements within your body that have build up over time that your body should have eliminated but could not for a number of reasons) then you may be concerned that an Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetable combination may cause your body to detoxify too quickly, leaving you with an uncomfortable cleansing action. Aloe Vera by itself can have a laxative effect. Sea Vegetables on the other hand can cause constipation in some people. Combining the two into one liquid nutritional supplement may counterbalance these effects. However, you may still experience a bit of cleansing because of the heavy metals or toxins stored within your body. The remedy is simple. Cut your dose in half and add a little bit more each time you take your supplement until you reach your recommended dosage. The cleansing is a natural part of getting your body back to its most natural state. Not everyone experiences cleansing but for those that do, follow the guidelines and enjoy the benefits. It’s important to continue taking the supplement so just cut back a bit, then add a little more each day.

Remember to take the Health Evaluation Questionnaire and determine your health index for the recommend amount of your nutritional supplement. Hold it under your tongue for maximum absorption and take it each day as recommended. The benefits to you of any nutritional supplement will come over time. Follow these guidelines and enjoy your Way to Wellness.