Your First Experience Of Buying Your First Car

Your First Experience Of Buying Your First car

The most critical of milestones in a lifetime is none other than that of buying your first car. The aspirations of being in the ‘driver’s seat’ of the first set of four wheels ever owned are unforgettable for most. The experience is more than exciting – it could well be better defined as being – exhilarating!


The most pivotal of concepts is undeniably that of creating a mindset – that of owning a car – which could well, be defined as the most crucial of decisions which needs to be taken if the first car is to be bought. The concept is far more significant than the process for once the most critical of decisions is taken – that of buying your first car – the process would invariably follow.


The task is achievable but complex – considering that the market is replete with options and the need would evidently be to pick the most optimal of options available. To illustrate the case in point – if buying your first car as a student – it could well be evident that the car would be a used car considering that money could be constraint. Conversely those buying the first car while working would well pick the option of buying a new car. The make and the cost would well be significant – but scarcely anymore than the features!

It could well entail educating the self in the realm of expenses incurred while buying the first car which could range from the likes of Insurance to maintenance which are at best indirect expenses which would invariably need to be factored in!


The process of enhancing self awareness for the potential buyer needs to be sourced from reliable and informative modalities of the likes of:

– Newspapers and Magazines

– Publications and circulations with advertisements for cars available for sale


The most critical of junctures for the first time buyer could well be the authenticity of the car and it being clear of all financial and legal encumbrances primarily when procuring a used car.

The discretion to exercise being simply to access the national or the state official website which would invariably be enlightening and would provide the entire vehicle history and the likes!


Discretion of the highest degree needs to be exercised when exploring the concept of procuring a car – new or otherwise – more so with the used car:

? The most cautious of approaches would need to be exercised when the buy is more than value for money!

? To further exemplify – the costing is far below the market norms for the particular – make, model and year to say the least. This could well translate into a cardinal rule – buying a strongly under priced car could well be far more jeopardizing than procuring an over priced car!

? The all new Registration – a used car with a recent registration could well need to be viewed with extreme caution considering that stolen vehicles may well have registrations procured from written off vehicles.

? The most critical of all being the VIN and the Vehicle Identification Plates – for if they are tampered with – the vehicle should preferably be avoided at all costs.

Conclusively it could hardly be considered amazing that there is more to buying a car than the mere process of reviewing a few options and arranging for finances!