Your Employees Are a Business Resource

You need to ensure your employees feel they are being considered as a valuable business resource more so than perhaps the fleet of company vehicles! Valued employees will function well as will constantly maintained vehicles given the time to focus on the day to day running and requirements. The big difference of course is that your employees require this as an emotional state. Don’t under estimate your employees as being of great resource to your company and treat them with this in mind and you may just find you are off to an amazing future with your business.

Having well trained employees is a great benefit to any business large or small. Almost nobody will come to a come with all the necessary training completed. Every business has different facets and nuances that must be learned by new staff so don’t dismiss training of your employees as they can be a great business resource.

No business wants to spend money on training only to find they loose their valuable employees as soon as they are fully trained. They then take all that business resource with them to a new business and this may be your competition so ensure that you have steps in place to give your employees the training they need to give you the service and standards you require but also make sure that you place value in those employees whether it be monetary or other employee benefits to ensure they are staying with the company with their improved knowledge.

On the job training can be a beneficial option. However there are many jobs where an employee must gain specific certifications. Whether this is a company standard or a legal standard these rules must be followed. Costs involved in those actual off site courses and in cover staff all must be taken into consideration, as with the entire employment process as a whole. On the job training is also using the resources of your existing staff as they must apply more time and energy to the new employee to improve their knowledge in the shortest time frame possible.

To ensure you are using your employees as a valuable business resource, in that they are happy in their work place and giving their all to the business whether it be in service or production you need to ensure there is a suitable reward program in place. This may be in the form of compensation but also there are considerations for periods when it is shown that an employee is over exceeding expectations. When an employee has a contract they can follow that to the letter and you have almost no recourse should you be dissatisfied or feel that the employee is not doing enough. You want to be in a position where your employees feel encouraged to give their all and show them that this attitude to business is rewarded.

Satisfied employees only improve your business and a good way to gauge that is with a reduced turn over in employees. A company that has a high staff turnover is generally not offering either adequate training so staff feel they are not able to do the required jobs or there are too high demands placed on the employees and they are not valued as a business resource.

The difficult task of course is to find the balance between being a business resource or a business drain. There are employees who will only take from a company until they feel there is nothing more to offer and then the problems will emerge or the employee will no longer be interested in staying with the company. One unsatisfied employee can motivate all other employees into making a business environment unpleasant for all concerned.

You can not only offer rewards where you find that employees focus solely on how they achieve those rewards and not focus on all aspects of the business. Here in lies the difficulties as mentioned above. Generally you find that there has to be a medium between employee and management, such as human resources, that can be the voice of management and the voice of the employees. Some businesses do not have this luxury of being able to employ a human resource team or person and therefore the onus to create the right mix of authority and humanity falls to the business owners.

Treat your employees as a valuable business resource both in the fields relating to relevant training but also in personal aspects where small outlays of cost or time can give an employee an improved sense of worth and therefore make them more inclined to be concerned about the business itself.