Your Childs Acting Career Requires An Entertainment Work Permit

When a child decides to pursue an acting career, the law requires that they must have an entertainment work permit. All the parents have to do now is get the form and fill it up.

You can get the entertainment work permit by downloading the form from the Internet. Keep in mind that each state has different criteria. Part of it will require getting approval from your doctor should your child still be an infant as well as the child’s birth certificate.

If your child is in school, the form must also be assigned by the school principal as some states require you to do so. If the principal is not aware of the entertainment work permit, explain to them what it is because they will only sign it and when they understand what this is all about.

Part of the condition for the principal to sign it will mean making sure that your child’s grades are not failing to as a parent, you have to do your share in making sure there is a balance between their work and studies.

So you will be able to get the entertainment work permit at the earliest possible time, make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter. If for instance you are told to mail it in, do so because these are the rules and you just have to accept it.

Before you mail it, make sure that you have a duplicate copy. You should also include a self-address stamped envelope so one it is approved, it can be directly mailed back to you.

The approval of the entertainment work permit could be from 3 days to 3 weeks and this depends on your state.

The entertainment work permit must be kept with your child at all times. You should keep the original at home while you carry around the photocopy. This must then be submitted to whoever is casting your child and signed at the back to certify that your child is part of the production.

Getting an entertainment work permit is easy and the best part is that it won’t cost you a thing. This has to be renewed every six months and since you don’t know when your child will have another part, you shouldn’t wait before you get one.

Apart from the entertainment work permit, your child will also be required to get a social security card. This is state regulated and designed to ensure that all payments for the project are given to your child. Just like the work permit, this is easy to obtain by simply contacting the Department of Social Security or by mail. For you to get one, you need to show your child’s birth certificate and any other form of identification.

If you child is below 18 years of age, he or she is considered a minor. For them to work in the entertainment industry, you are required to get a work permit and social security card which will enable them to pursue an acting career. Once the forms are filled up and those who are supposed to sign it have done so, there won’t be any problems when your agent has booked a job.

Just make sure that this is renewed before it expires to avoid any problems in the future.