Your Child Is Talented

The birth of a child is virtually the greatest joy for every family. Since that moment their life would take a different flow. It would never be the same. I would not say that it would be happier or simpler. But one thing is certain it would attain more meaning and require more responsibility. For every parent their child is the best. No one would persuade me that there is a girl better than my daughter. But I am trying my best to be objective with her. It is natural for parents to ascribe to their baby various remarkable abilities.

However, pragmatic scientists have proved that only 20 % newborn brain cells are functioning, so baby’s talent is as helpless as he is himself. But it is in no case hopeless: by learning every new action new brain cells are involved and talent takes definite shape. The basis of the future talent should be formed before the child is three. At this age the brain cells are most capable of developing new connections (by the age the child is 3, 90 % of the brain structure has been already formed). Once special tests help you detect that your child is talented, start your work on developing their capabilities to the utmost.

The main task of the early education is to develop fundamental psychological functions- memory, attention, imagination, logical thinking. The period when the child is under three is very important: alongside the intellectual skills, most of the personal traits (such as self – discipline, sincerity, diligence, etc) are developed at that time. Many modern psychological tests for one-year-old include social aspects. Besides the well known IQ they reflect the child’s emotional quotient – EQ. Without it even the high IQ is not a guarantee of future success. The only chance to improve EQ – teach the child to communicate with other people.

Psychologists state that talent formation stops at 13 years old. By that time parents and teachers should do a titanic work. Without pushing and imposing their own opinions on to the children they should motivate their constant and free development. It is difficult, almost impossible. But the reward is worth trying: an unbound talent is getting brighter and brighter from year to year, children are learning, imitating, adopting to society rules, looking for understanding and finally find their niche where they can realize themselves best of all. After that they start develop independently. You as a parent become an attentive observer of their accomplishments and failures guiding them through the life.