Your Bathroom Shower – Cleaning and Maintenance

Really now, is there ANYTHING that can beat the feeling of relaxing and getting really clean with a good, hot shower at the end of an exhausting work day? A good lather and rinse – and you are left with that ‘all-day-clean’ feeling. I think you would agree that the shower area is one of the most important parts of your home.

Let’s talk about shower room hygiene for a minute. As you are well aware, shower areas are both humid and wet – this provides the ideal breeding-ground for all sorts of nasty little germs, not to mention mold and mildew. So you must take special care to keep this area clean at all times. A good practice is to use a reliable disinfectant and also a mold and mildew killer.

On to soap scum: what is it, exactly? Well, soap scum is produced as a kind of chemical reaction in homes that have hard water. Most soaps have ingredients that react with the high lime concentration in hard water. Hard water can also cause magnesium and calcium to build up and dry on shower walls, as well as on drains and shower heads.

So, if you use traditional soaps and also have hard water, you will need to stop and -perhaps daily – clean off all that soap scum build-up. But here’s a good tip: if you switch to a shower gel, you will not have soap scum build-up, as shower gels have a different formulation than traditional soaps.

If you want to fix up your shower area, you have a lot of design choices: You can opt for the traditional bathtub-and-shower unit. You can choose to install a free-standing shower enclosure. If money is no object, you can have an ornate shower enclosure installed that is made entirely of heavy glass – very beautiful!

If you are into outdoor living, you also have many choices. There are many special-purpose outdoor shower units available. These are perfect for poolside or showering off at the beach. And you might consider installing an outdoor unit if work outside a lot and need to get cleaned up before entering your home.

Popular choices for shower areas are shower curtains – perhaps the cheapest option – or doors that slide on tracks, or doors that open out (these are typically used on outdoor shower units). If you are willing to have a room sealed or tiled you can set up a floor-level shower instead.

Let me remind you of one thing in closing: many a layman has attempted to install their own shower enclosure, and soon found themselves in the middle of a hopeless mess! If you don’t have the know-how, save yourself some time, aggravation, and money – pick up the telephone, and call a good plumber or home remodeling firm and let them do this for you.