Your Attitude Determines Your Golf Game

Darren Clarke has just won the British Open 2011, his first Major in over 20 years of playing professional golf at pretty much the top level of the game. Darren felt that he was in a good place at the beginning of the week and he displayed the impact of his attitude in the way he mastered the elements at Royal St Georges.

Apparently Ken Brown (golf broadcaster and writer) had proffered a little piece of advice to him a few years earlier, prior to a previous Open tournament; “Let your attitude determine your golf and don’t let your golf determine your attitude”. There was much commentary made about Darren having spent more time in the company of Dr. Bob in recent months, making it clear that Darren Clarke was working on his golf mind.

That mental golf work paid off, big time. Darren smiled as he walked the course. His smile was broad and genuine and clear for us all to see. And we love seeing him in such a great place. There’s nothing better than seeing a happy person who’s enjoying life. It’s especially good to see when you know that a person has suffered a particularly cruel and rough patch and has managed to bounce back.

That “pearl of wisdom” proffered by Ken Brown should be acknowledged by every golfer. Your attitude does inevitably determine your game of golf. If you allow a bad shot or a missed putt to get into your psyche then your attitude will be affected by that negative emotion. But if you decide to smile no matter what, then you can brush off those missed opportunities and still look forward to new ones.

The afternoon of Sunday 17 July 2011 was probably one of the longest and most challenging in Darren Clarke’s golfing career, but for most of the time he looked pretty laid back. He seemed to be enjoying himself. I’m sure he did so that evening!

How do you manage to smile and ensure that your good attitude determines your golf? How do you get your mind to stay one step ahead in a positive manner? How do you reign in your emotions and overcome your fears?

These are the questions that every serious golfer asks. They are similar questions to those that are faced by everyone who seeks success. Success is achieved through conquering fear. Success is an attitude.

Golf visibly demonstrates the effects of both conquering fear and giving in to fear. Golf challenges you to grow as a person. Golf is an amazing game and it teaches you a huge amount about your personality.

Roseanna Leaton, avid golfer and specialist in mental golf mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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