Your 8-Step Strategy For Success

Can you imagine finding success in every venture that you pursue? You can, and you will. Granted, it is seldom easy, but it is simple. Almost any pursuit can be mastered by utilizing the following simple, eight-step process.

1. Dream!

Your dreams set the stage for your accomplishments. That’s why it is so important to dream big! At the point of allowing yourself to dream, do not allow any limits to your thoughts. Simply dream. Write down your dreams and review them. Consciously think about how you would feel when each of your dreams becomes reality. Your brain does not make a determination between dreams and reality so it believes all that it stores. Believe that your dreams will come true. See them in your mind as reality! Be expectant. Anticipate success.

2. Establish your desired goals. Write them down.

This is where you go to work on your dreams. You cannot hit a target that you cannot see. In the same manner, you will find it difficult to achieve a goal that you haven’t identified and written down. Your brain immediately goes to work, sifting through its cumulative records and all your memories, to construct a strategy for achieving those goals. Review these written goals frequently, especially before sleeping and immediately upon rising in the morning. Encourage yourself to stay focused upon the goals you select. In the absence of your written goals, your brain will go to work on something of its own choosing, perhaps even a plan inspired from a television show. Remember, your mind does not discriminate between fact and fantasy.

3. Layout your plan (in writing) to achieve your goals.

Identify, in detail, the steps necessary to achieve each of your goals. Be certain to include anticipated obstacles and your intentions for dealing with each of them. Lay out a timetable listing each step and each obstacle relative to your successful achievement of your goal.

4. Take massive action. Be persistent. Never quit.

Now that you have identified what it will take and what stands in your way towards achieving your goals, identify the action steps necessary. Be very specific in determining the actions necessary for each stage and obstacle. Write everything down. Now it is time to get busy. The best plans imaginable are impotent without action, lots of action. Do not ever consider quitting as an option. Be persistent. Adopt an attitude that you will not allow yourself to be denied.

5. Pay particular attention to what is working and what is not.

“I can’t do much about the wind, but I can adjust my sails” is an old saying that proves especially useful here. Take action. Work smart and hard. Notice what is working for you? In the same manner, what is not? It makes little sense to keep pursuing a line of action that is of little value or becomes counter productive. Be smart. Keep alert.

6. Make necessary adjustments to your plan and strategy. Go back to step 4.

Make necessary adjustments to your action strategy on a continuous basis. Always be paying attention to your plan and your relative position on your timeline. Your plan is an effective strategy towards achieving your goals and your dreams only to the extent that you have designed it to work for you. As you make alterations, take massive action again and monitor all aspects of your plan continuously.

7. When your goal is achieved, be thankful. Then bathe in the warmth of your success. Take time to enjoy the wonderful culmination of your plan.

Paying attention to this process will enable you to know precisely when you have achieved your goal! Demonstrate an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for your abilities, your persistence and those who have been of help to you. Enjoy your success. Enjoy the feelings that fill your mind. Remember them. Allow this euphoria to motivate you for your next achievement.

8. Set new goals and begin the process again.

Now that you have tasted success, start the whole process over again with another goal or dream, this time with even more positive expectancy than the first.

This simple, eight-step strategy has been proven again and again over time by thousands of people from all walks of life and circumstances. There is no mention of the word “if” anywhere in this strategy, only “when.” Adopt this simple yet powerful strategy and make it your own. It will produce the results you have only dreamed of thus far.