You Need To Wear A Vest When You Go Bird Watching

When you go bird watching, it will be hours before you call it a day and go home. Instead of putting everything you need in a backpack, you can have a few items with you especially when you are wearing a vest.

The bird watching vest has a lot of pockets. In total, there are about 20 pockets of different sizes! You can use the upper pockets to hold the lens cap, pair of sunglasses or a small pencil. On the other hand, you can use the lower pockets to hold your bird book, binoculars, camera and a few other small items.

One of the features of the bird watching vest is due to its lightweight material specifically cotton and the mesh lining allows for free air movement around your body. As a result, you will not feel any discomfort wearing it for hours because of the ventilation on both sides. This makes it ideal during hot weather and at the same time cold weather since you can expand the straps and wear this over even the bulkiest coat.

The bird watching vest comes in different sizes. The smallest one is good for someone’s who’s chest size is between 34 to 38 inches while the biggest can fit someone who has a chest size between 55 and 56 inches. Some shops offer custom made orders so you have to wait at least a week or two before this can be made.

Bird watching vests also come in different colors so if you want to get close to the birds without being detected, make sure the color you choose should blend in with the surroundings. The more common colors for bird watchers are green, khaki and olive.

If you think this is different than what people use when they go hunting or fishing, think again because this is also what they use. It’s only limitation is that should it rain, the bird watching vest is neither waterproof nor water resistant so you better have a jacket or umbrella to keep yourself dry until the weather improves if there is no shade around.

You can buy your very own bird watching vest in the sporting goods store or online. These usually sell for less than $100 and these are also machine-washable making it easily to clean.

If you don’t want to wash it yet, you can just hang this behind the door and put it on the next time you plan to go out again.

Aside from brand news from the sporting goods store or online, you can also try looking at surplus vests which are much cheaper. These cost less than $10 each which isn’t bad because you will be using it the same way like you would a brand new one.

You should know by now that not all the bird species are confined to where you reside. This means that you will see other birds in other states and even other countries.

So when you are packing your things, don’t forget to bring along your bird watching vest. This together with other items like your pair of binoculars, notebook, mosquito repellant and even camera will make your bird watching field trip just as good as the previous one. So get everything together and have some fun!