You Just Don’t Need Fitness Equipment in the Office

When you want to add fitness equipment in the office, you need a way to fit it into your space. Many offices seem smaller due to more employees, while other companies just don’t own a large enough space. If you want to continue to add fitness to your life, you need to be creative about what kinds of fitness equipment you can bring, but you also need to learn about ways to forgo fitness equipment in the office altogether. Sometimes, all you need is your own body weight and fitness goal.

If you like to have actual fitness equipment in the office, you can do a few things. One, you might want to replace your office chair with a balance ball. This will help you work your core muscles all day as well as take any additional pressure off your back and neck. You can also use it during your lunch hour for exercise or as a stress reliever when you’re under a lot of pressure. You can also fit resistance bands into your desk quite easily and pull them out whenever you need the extra exercise boost.

If you don’t want to have fitness equipment in the office, but still want to exercise, you need to look at your surrounding for inspiration. A normal chair is a great supporting point for leg lifts and glute lifts. You can also do squats into your chair, quickly coming up as soon as you touch the seat. You can find heavy office supplies and equipment to lift for resistance or you can flex your muscles in order to increase your tone. Right now, you can pull your abdominal muscles in tightly and see how long you can leave them in that position. Try to repeat this as often as you can.

In order to get a good workout without fitness equipment in the office, you need to look for opportunities to move. This might mean taking the stairs instead of the elevator, volunteering to walk places when you need to run errands, and parking your car as far away as you can. While each of these steps seems insignificant, they add up to more calories burned over the course of the day. Your body can reap benefits in these shorter exercise stints – you really don’t have to run five miles a day to be in shape.

If you don’t have fitness equipment in the office, that doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a life of being out of shape. You can bring a stability ball or resistance bands into work with you or simply see everything you do as a possibility for getting into better shape.