You Have To Be In The Game To Win

Never let competition or the idea that others may beat you to the punch snuff out your energy for contacting people to propose a joint venture deal or for attempting to sell them your product or program.

I am an avid seminar-goer. What I have heard over and over throughout my many years in relation to sales is that it is rare that people buy on the first exposure. In fact, it usually takes multiple exposures before someone is ready to buy. Have you ever heard “the fortune is in the follow up?” It is so true.

Now I was in network marketing for many years and this concept definitely applies here. If you are/were also in network marketing, has this ever happened to you? You’ve contacted someone once, twice, three times, often even, and then you let them go figuring that they’re a lost cause. Then you find out down the road that they’re in the same business but under someone else. Their ultimate sponsor was just in the right place at the right time.

Your multiple exposures in the beginning helped to educate the prospect on the details of the program and the people in the business. Their sponsor just continued on with the exposures when you stopped and was there when it clicked for the prospect.

Sometimes their sponsor was contacting them for the first time but all the work you did before you benched yourself was what readied the prospect.

Even if the person keeps saying no or not yet, through your multiple exposures, you are helping the person to become more and more comfortable with the idea, even if both you and them and are not consciously aware that they are warming up. It must not be forgotten as well that people’s circumstances change all the time, they may loose their job or get divorced or have a car/toy that they need/want to buy, and then, all of a sudden, they need a source of income or their perspective changes, and they’re in.

If you stay in the mix/game and continue to expose your prospects until such time that they unsubscribe to your auto-responder, you will position yourself to be the one in the right place at the right time when the prospect’s situation or understanding changes to where they are ready to buy/become involved. As well, when someone else gives up on their follow-up or doesn’t follow up regularly enough, then you are there to reap the benefits of the exposures that they sent out to prepare the prospect to buy.

This is the message that I want you to take away. You have to be in the game to win. If you bench yourself, someone else can end up with the glory. As the statistics say, most people stop following up with a prospect only one or two exposures away from the prospect purchasing/joining. Further, there are many others who don’t even get out of the starting gates because they believe/tell themselves that the competition will be the ultimate winner or they don’t believe that people will want to buy from them so they don’t even make a try for it.

Your Friend,

Monique Briand