You Don’t Have To Fall Over Drunk To Prove You Have Had a Good Time

Getting drunk intentionally seems to be a very English thing. The culture for many seems to center around the belief that how drunk you get is an indicator of how good a time you have had. For some, the measure of a good time revolves around how many text messages you have sent which necessitate an apology the next day.

This behavior is further endorsed, and some would say led, by certain celebrities. But this excessive drinking costs a very high price in the long run. Most people who pursue this type of lifestyle for a prolonged period of time neither look good nor feel good. Your health and your good looks are inevitably compromised.

Inevitably many people end up in rehab, some on more than one occasion. The drinking habit can prove hard to kick. This habit is part of your lifestyle, your culture and the way in which you communicate and fit in with others. And so to quit drinking, you also have to learn a new way of living and also communicating with your social network. It’s highly possible that you may feel like a social mis-fit.

Ironically, the reason why most people began drinking in this way was due to a desire to fit in, to do what the others are doing. It is rarely a love of the taste of alcohol that starts you upon this boozy life-style. The younger you were when you embarked upon this course of behavior, or accepted the tenet that “you have to fall over drunk to prove that you have had a good time” the more engrained in your personality and sense of self this habit will be.

In this aspect alcohol abuse is similar to any other habit. For example, the younger one is when starting smoking the more difficult it is to quit. Like stopping smoking, if you wish to quit your drinking habit, it is important to look deep inside your mind and identify the platform of thoughts and assumptions upon which the behavior and habit is built. The younger you were at the onset of the habit the deeper you have to dig.

These underlying assumptions have to be tackled and picked apart. Inevitably a habit is made up of many threads of thought and behavior, which have become entwined. This twine has to be unraveled and replaced by something stronger; otherwise you will be hanging onto your health and well being by a very thin thread.

When you decide to stop drinking, many people feel completely lost. Your very sense of self can come into question. You do not know quite what to do or say in social situations or indeed how to act. Something seems to be missing. It is therefore essential to do anything which you can to build your sense of self outside the realms of alcohol.

Confidence can be built in many ways, and the process can be accelerated with the help of self hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation (good for calming jangling nerves), which provides access to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is the part of your mind where instinctive thoughts and behaviors are stored.

And so with hypnosis you can unpick those erroneous threads of thought and replace them with ones which are far stronger. You can build a solid sense of self, and firm feelings of self confidence, with a little guidance from hypnosis mp3 downloads specifically designed for this very task.

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