You can’t reach success if you are desperate

When we want to succeed in our business so bad and we grow impatient that it is not moving as fast as we wanted, we tend to get into the desperate phase where that thing that we want the most moves further away from us. Have you ever had these experiences? I am sure you had. Well, this “desperation phase” just doesn’t work. Resistance only causes more pain, more struggle, and more heartache. So what’s the solution?, you ask. Expect to succeed, and let Universe take over. “But shouldn’t we plan our work and work the plan?” Absolutely. You need to know where you are going, but do not attach yourself to it emotionally. Don’t struggle with your thoughts about this thing you want all day, have fun and enjoy yourself (it is a process)- there might be something different you can do for your business today, which will take you closer to your goal and let the devine providence handle the details. Sounds weired? Strange? Are you looking for something more “hands on”? When you allow yourself to step away from the rush of everyday life for even just a short period of time, you will find that thing you have been missing the most – peace of mind – that is highly practical – when you are in a state of peace and calmness, your ability to create, your desires and your imbedded guidance system come to you with ease naturally and with it the understanding of what it takes to become successful in life.

Hmm, but how is this really done? How do I “step back”? I have so much to get done? – Take 10 minutes today and find a quiet place just for you, and close your eyes, and practice listening to your breath – get in touch with your breathing – because your breath is your life force – your Spirit – the rest will come to you naturally. Visualize you success. Does it make sense? When you think and visualize every day for at least 10 minutes you will be able to get strength and guidance and attract all the success you want. Early in the morning, just as you get up or late in the evening before your bed time are the best times to do this. “Let go and Let God” You can feel very confident that success is yours and that it will happen when you can harness this inner guidance. So, as you are waiting for that desired thing to come to you; just relax and be you, for now. And let the real you shine brightly.

“There is nothing impossible with love and patience.”.” ~ Daisaku Ideda