You Cannot Experience Your True Nature While You Are Thinking

Consciousness is always in a state of creating or flux, while your true nature is nothing.

If you are experiencing your true state-then are you not thinking? Your true state of nothingness knows only that it is. It is aware of its own being and formless body. Once the formless state turns itself into a physical being it cannot go back to its true nature because it retains the knowledge and experience of its physical being. By the law of nature all thought is made manifest into physical being and remains physical.

This however, is a paradox because it is the nothingness between the elements of the physical life which give it physical presence. Therefore, the physical cannot be separate from the nothingness which holds its form. Because nothing has merged with the physical, has it not lost its purity-is it now part of the illusion?

Where there is the physical, there can be no life and no creator, because it is in fact separate from the nothingness which holds it all together. It is therefore an illusion and life does not exist in the physical realm. It is only our thoughts which exist. The physical realm exists in life not the other way around. It is as the word “life” is written on a blackboard-the word is just a thought demonstrated physically that has no life. The molecules of our body are lifeless-it is the thoughts of the nothingness which contains the life and physicalness is life in form-thought manifested!

We cannot go back to nothingness because we have never left it. The body will just collapse back into itself has a sandcastle will eventually fall back into itself because there is no thought to maintain its form.

In simple terms it means you can never die, because you were never alive. The illusion of your body will fall and rise again in another form. What you fear the most-death-does not exist!

In practical terms, imagine yourself as the head of your family-your spouse and six children. You send them out into the world to experience life. They all do it differently through their own unique individuality. At the end of the day they come home and share their experiences and knowledge with you. Who is it that is going out into the world-your family or you? You are your family and will always remain connected even if you never see each other again because family is part of your memory-it is your creation. It is part of the collective nothingness.

All the things you image-you can experience and will experience at some level of consciousness. While you are thinking of these things you are actually experiencing them. If you were to think of your favourite candy bar, you are already experiencing the taste and all physical aspects of the candy, plus the feelings which go along with it.

Your true nature is that which experiences all the things you can imagine.

You cannot experience your true nature while you are thinking about it-you can only be your true nature, and that is why you can never find it. You cannot find what you are already are-you will never go back because you have never left.

Know that it is your true nature to always be. Know also, it is your true nature to experience everything physical and to evolve to the highest levels of your experience.

You cannot experience your true nature while you are thinking about it-just be it.