You CAN Shift Your Reality to Include More of What You Want

Do you know that you are emitting signals that the universe responds to? It’s like we’re all emitting radio signals that go out into the universe and match us up with anything on the same wavelength, bringing to us the circumstances and events which make up our lives.

The signals you emit are made up of your thoughts, beliefs, and the emotions that these create within you. You’re experiences tend to match what you’ve got your focus upon.

You do have the power to affect your experiences by paying attention to what you focus upon. This is where your power is. If you are focused upon the negative aspects of your experience, you will create more of the same, which you then focus on and create more of, and so on in a vicious cycle. Fortunately, this works the other way around too! If you choose to focus on the positive aspects of any experience, you will create more positive aspects you can then focus on, and continue bringing more positive experiences into your life. Even if you can only find one positive aspect to focus on in a situation that has many more negative aspects, and you keep choosing to keep your focus on the one positive part, you will soon see improvement in that situation that will give you more that’s positive to focus on. It’s a gradual, continual process.

I’m about to share with you a simple, accessible process anyone can do to improve any area of life, any issue. Please do not be fooled by it’s simplicity!!! It is a very effective, powerful process that gets results. Here’s what to do: Make lists of positive aspects. Find a notebook and let it be your ‘book of positve aspects’. For any subject you’d like to improve, make a list. For subjects that are wonderful already, make a list. If you have a difficult subject and first to mind are the negative aspects about it, aha!, deliberately choose to search and scour and come up with whatever minute things you could consider positive about it. Only include the positives in your lists.

What you are doing with this exercise each time you do it, is get yourself in the mode, groove, vibration of appreciation. Like attracts like, and as you are focusing on appreciating what is working, more will come for you to appreciate.

For difficult situations, it can be challenging to come up with positive aspects, if the majority of thoughts and feelings you’ve been having aren’t about positive aspects. So, start where you are. Could it be worse? Start writing: at least it’s not….., . And at least I’m not….., And at least we’re not…., And at least we do….., And at least she is….,etc. It’s a bit like priming a pump; if you keep at it you’ll get a flow going. You’ll be able to add to your lists.

Be sure to also include subjects in your ‘book of positive aspects’ or positive aspect lists that are already positive, that you do feel good about. Spending time appreciating in a focused manner such as writing it down, will add a good mix of appreciation to your overall vibration, or signal that you’re broadcasting to the universe.

Watch for improvement in your day-to-day experiences, and keep making or adding to your lists. Make note of it when you do notice improvements in the outer world; acknowledge that what you’re doing is working, and do more.You’ll feel better when you focus more on appreciation, too.

Just because something is how it is, does not mean it has to stay that way! Just because you’ve had a lot of it in the past, does not mean you’re doomed to have more of it in the future! If you don’t like it, know that you do have the power to change it. And if you do like it, know that you can create more of it, if you wish to.

Gradually shifting your perception to include more of what you do like, opens the flow so more like it can come to you.

There are many more things you can do to aid you in shifting your focus, and maintaining your focus in a way that will bring true shifts in your ‘outer’ experiences.

There’s a lot more to how and why this works. I’ll address some of it in future articles. For now, I’ll leave you with another reccomendation. Check out a book called The Manifesting Mindset by Barry Goss. It is available in e-book form for free at the site mentioned below, and there is an option to purchase a physical copy as well. I’ve found this book to be eye-opening and very helpful on my path to greater joy.

I hope this article is helpful to you in some way, and truly wish all of humankind to each find their individual path to joy and satisfaction.

Wishing you abundance in all matters, especially an abundance of feeling good.

Carrie McLain