You can predict your future with 100% accuracy by assessing this one thing about your current life.

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Allow me to introduce you to the overlooked, rarely discussed and hardly ever taught strategy of “relationship building”.

This success weapon is a gem for you because of the fact that almost no one ever tells you about this yet ALL successful people work on it. …and trust me it’s a big weapon to leave out. This is easily arguably the biggest weapon of them all.

Your relationships could be the difference between success and failure and at minimum alleviate a lot of struggle. WHY? That’s simple.

We need to discuss two different areas when it comes to relationships that you must be aware of.

(1) Your relationship “network”.

This means that without other people you’re only as good as yourself when it comes to your marketing reach. As you grow your business you want to continue to develop other good relationships that will assist you in growing yours.

You are seeking others with influence and a big network. These people can refer lots of business to you or give you another contact that can solve a problem for you. It really becomes priceless. You can’t do everything alone so make good relationships to assist you, and you them.

The key to this is to have a “pure heart” and not do it all in selfish motives. The easiest way to make good relationships is to think of how you can assist the other person first. Then they will be much more willing to assist you.

There are many people I promote and speak highly of who have never done a darn thing for me (and possibly never will), yet I still continue to assist them. Why? Because I believe in what they do and how it can assist my customers.

You can’t just be selfish in business or your relationships will be very short lived and people will begin to see through you.

This brings me to the next type of relationships…

(2) Your “friends”

Yeah, it’s pretty simple, like it or not…”you are who you hang with”. You MUST pick and choose your most common friends carefully. Here’s why…

==> “Environment will always beat will power”

Please remember that. This also makes it important to choose the people you work around better also since most people spend a lot of time with those people. That may even mean getting a new job because you don’t like the character of people where you are now.

Jim Rohn said it best…”What’s important is not what you’re getting on your job, but the real question to ask is what are you becoming there?”

Ask yourself if you like who you are and who you are becoming because I will tell you it has a LOT to do with your “environment”. SO remember environment beats will power every time in the long run so choose your relationships wisely.

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