You Can Manifest Your Own Reality

Has your life become an endless string of days slogging through the same old mediocre rut that you have awakened to every morning for years and years? Can you even remember the hopes and dreams you had for yourself when you were younger? Have you noticed that the harder you work at setting goals and putting in overtime, your situation never changes?
Do you look around and see people who seem to have everything and who seem to cruise through life with little apparent stress or effort? Have you ever wondered what esoteric knowledge is tapped into, that you have no access to, by creative geniuses like Twain, Edison, Mozart and Steinmetz? Were Jesus, Gandhi, and the Buddha really made of stuff more holy than the rest of us?
The fact is that the super successful people of the modern age, the truly happy people in your neighborhood, the creative geniuses of ages past, and our holy teachers have all had one thing in common, whether they were consciously aware of it or not. That one thing is this: they tapped into the power of the universal laws of creation which we are all subject to and they aligned the creative energy that is in all things to manifest the reality of their own lives. Whether consciously or not, they lived not as if the outside world was something happening to them, but as if they were happening to the outside world. They created their own reality.
You can apply the same universal laws to your own life and create the reality you want for yourself. The fact is that you already know how to align yourself with these laws. You have simply forgotten how to do it.
This is not to say that all you have to do is wish for good luck and riches and it will come to you. As in all other things, there is no free lunch. You have to work for it. The good news is that there are many mentors out there who have discovered these secrets (or, have actually discovered that there are no secrets, there is only faulty memory) and who are standing ready to lead us along the paths they have already trodden. All we have to do is ask the right questions and really pay attention to and apply the answers.
We really can manifest the lives we want and by doing so, we can change the world.