You Can Feel Better Physically and Mentally if YOU Practice Senior Citizen

Exercise is the best way to lose weight and strengthen muscles, as well as improve balance and flexibility. A regular fitness program is recommended for a healthy lifestyle regardless of age, but is especially important to people over 65 years of age. Not many seniors follow a regular exercise routine, however.

Many seniors become less active as they get older. Muscles may become weaker due to lower energy levels and lack of movement. Walking and bending generally get more difficult with age because of frequent aches in joints and muscles. Some senior citizens will even stop participating in the activities they’ve enjoyed for years because of fears of falling or becoming injured.

These are not valid reasons to avoid exercise, however. Exercise is the best way to build and strengthen weak and achy muscles and joints. Senior citizen fitness can actually reduce aches and pains, improving movement and minimizing risks of injuries. Strong muscles help to prevent falls, and if they do occur, injuries are typically less harmful to a person who is fit. Strong muscles also reduce the chances of bone fractures and breaks.

Senior citizen fitness can also promote healthy circulation. Exercise programs are great for those who suffer from heart complications. A quality senior citizen fitness program helps to maintain a healthy weight level, and improves the flow of blood throughout the body.

Most falls and slips occur because of poor balance common to aging. Senior citizen fitness programs are a terrific way to improve this poor balance. Stretching and yoga exercises encourage good balance. Improved balance, along with stronger muscles, will make movement much easier and will help the body feel stronger, minimizing falls.

Endorphins that are released into the body when the heart rate accelerates are natural mood enhancers that help even those with chronic depression feel happier and healthier. Senior citizen fitness programs that increase the heart rate also promote happiness and an overall sense of well-being.

Obesity can be detrimental to health. Seniors who are overweight are more likely to have health complications than those at a fit weight level. Being overweight can make it even more difficult to move about, and also increases the risks of other complications, like heart trouble, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Senior citizens who are obese have an even greater need for a regular fitness program to help them get in shape.

Losing weight causes a natural drop in blood pressure that helps the heart work more efficiently. Senior citizen fitness programs can help seniors lose weight in a healthy way. Shedding extra pounds can add years to a senior’s life, which is definitely a reason to exercise.

To find a senior citizen fitness program, check with gyms and fitness centers in your area. Senior centers may also offer some sort of fitness training. There are also several exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home. Find a program that is right for you and stick to it. Always remember to talk with your doctor before beginning any new fitness plan.