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Yoga Practice – Conquering the Obstacles in Practicing Yoga

In yoga practice, the human body is treated with concern, care and respect because it is the principal instrument in a person¬ís efforts and growth. Yoga is also about the unification of a person’s own consciousness and the universal consciousness.

Anyone who tries yoga practices will go through a sequence of obstacles, difficulties and deviations. It is necessary for you, as a yoga practitioner, to eliminate all the obstacles noticed during yoga practice so as to benefit fully from the positive aspects of yoga.

Nine Major Obstacles during Yoga Practice

Here are some of the major obstacles that are noticed by the practitioners when practicing yoga:


It is an obstacle that refers to physical or mental illness. It is even more difficult for you to do yoga practice when you are not in a good condition or health. The triumph of this obstacle can be obtained by avoiding any type of sickness and with a balanced, healthy life style.


It is the second major difficulty related to yoga practice, which refers to an advanced state of lack of concern that obstructs your willingness towards committing your responsibilities. In general you ignore and avoid yoga practice by postponing it and this, in turn, leads to several types of excuses for avoiding or not doing your work.


This is one of the major obstructions in the yoga practice that is related to the matter of doubting the benefits of yoga and yoga practice. This obstruction also occurs when there is low confidence in your self-capabilities. This directs to a divergence from the original purposes, preparing you to suspect more to outside interference.


When there is lack of determination and willingness in performing yoga practice, then it refers to the fourth obstacle of yoga practice. Yoga needs a unique approach, since it is a grouping of arts and sciences. If you perform yoga practice with lack of good emotional and mental conditions, then you may turn its positive features into negative ones.


It is an obstacle that refers to the laziness and immobile state of mind and body that stops you from gaining the benefits of yoga wholly. Most of the people will have a tough time coping with their own will power, generating the perfect circumstances for this obstacle to emerge. Most of the times, the way to get success is tough and a strong will power can prop your way up. An inactive approach, conversely, will almost surely lead to a slow and ineffective progress.


One of the other major obstacles of yoga practice that refers to the physical things hold a magnetic attraction to the majority of people. Yoga needs you to avoid these ropes that tie you to the materialistic life and the world and makes advancement in the realm of the spirit. Eliminating the mass of physical things is central while doing yoga practice.


It is the misunderstanding of the course you are taking while performing yoga practice and can produce displeasure. Keeping your hopes in good contact with reality can avoid this obstacle.


It is an obstacle of yoga practice where you are frequently becoming victim of your own discouragement. When a failure takes place you fall into a state of self-depreciation and lower confidence levels. Failing to arrive a step on your way to get your ideal can cause motivated forms of this obstacle.


The last interference of yoga practice. Poor yoga practice may also lead to the inability to achieve and hold a superior level of perception. This can be annoying and gives rise to dissatisfaction.

However overcoming these obstacles of yoga practice is achievable by making your mind to focus on single elements at one time. Never allow any of these obstacles to rise in power as it makes the other to follow very soon.

The passing of time with a strong will power and dedication is generally very efficient in managing these major obstacles of yoga practice.