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Yoga Poses for a Healthy and Happy Feet

Most of the people generally pay attention towards the way their feet appear or just consider that they are absolutely ugly because foot is a wonderful, yet a complicated part of the body. A regular practice of yoga poses will help keep the feet healthy, as these are the foundation of the body and the tools of our mobility.

Generally, people only think about their feet after walking around with a pair of shoes that don’t fit them. However, it is true that when your feet hurt you, it also affects the whole body. Yoga poses works with the body from the ground up. It means that every standing pose includes working with toes and feet.
Considerations while Practicing Yoga for a Healthy Feet

A regular practice of yoga poses, working with the feet and being good to them will definitely add a new aspect to your life. On the other hand, correct alignment of the feet in all yoga poses is an important factor in retaining good foot healthy with energetically grounding to the earth.

Correct position of the feet comprises of grounding through the four corners of the feet, lifting the bends, and equally allocating the weight between each foot. One of the very essential factors of yoga poses is to determine the shape of your feet.

Standing in the Mountain Asana is the best way to find out the shape of your feet. Try to observe your feet and concentrate on them. You may find that your weight is distributed equally between both feet.

Do you favor one foot over the other since you have pain in one of your feet?
Your arches need to be lifted, toes spread out wide with spaces in between. Your toes should be able to move separately of one another. Lifting the arches and spreading toes while standing helps you to activate the foot muscles.

If you have bunions, calluses or hammertoes then you may have been misusing your feet for years. However, it is possible with yoga poses to start right now and make a difference in your feet as well as provide more relief to your body on the whole.

If you are having serious problems with the feet, then better go to a podiatrist. If your feet are only stiff and neglected, but yoga for feet will definitely work and relieve some of the stiffness. So, begin with a gentle massage. Move ahead, pamper yourself, but remember not to rub them instinctively.

Explore your feet and toes. Truly, consider them and take some time to feel the 26 bones that each foot has. Pull your toes backward and forward and from side to side. Try to find out whether they are stiff and it is possible for you to separate them.

Be gentle, but strive to separate them. Better spend most of the time staring at your toes and realizing the way your toes feel. Identify whether your big toe is numb and can you connect your fingers through your toes.

If you find your toes are stiff and hard to bend, then it is better to work with them. Carefully move them around, spreading them distant gently. If your big toe is numb, rub it smoothly until you feel that some life return to it.

By rubbing and working with your feet and toes on a regular basis, you will achieve a better feet that is healthy and makes it easier for you to practice yoga poses.

Observe your foot, you will find that each foot contains 26 bones. Compress the sides of your feet and feel the way these bones are connected to each other. Rub your thumb firmly by the side of your arch; feel your heel and identify whether you have any pain.

If there is any pain in the center of your heel, then it is a bone spur and yoga for feet is best in treating this pain.

Yoga poses increase muscle tone and stretch foot muscles and connective tissue. Generating and maintaining muscle tone in the feet will improve overall foot health. Increasing the flexibility and strength to the feet, toes can direct to overall better health and alignment for the body.

Any yoga pose that reinforces the lower leg muscles and feet will help recover foot problems as well as blood circulation to the feet. There are a number of yoga poses that benefit the feet such as Virasana, Vajrasana, Baddha Konasana, Squat with Toe Stretch, and Adho Mukha Svanasana etc.

However, it is essential to concentrate on the foot alignment and muscle tone while practicing all yoga poses, particularly standing poses.

Your whole body can feel better with a gentle foot massage and your yoga routine will give you more relief and enjoyment. Remember that your body reflects the health of your feet and as a result maintain a happy, healthy feet for a happy, healthy body. So, regularly treat your feet well and your body will appreciate you.