Yoga For Unification Of Mind And Body | Yoga Routine

Yoga: Mind over Body

Yoga aims for the integrity of the body, mind, and spirit through a system of postures, breathing exercises, meditation. In reality, it consists of disciplines designed to bring closer to godliness. With the integration of the body, mind and spirit, you can attain a balance (physically and mentally) in your life as well as an inner peace to your body.

Yoga Routine For Maintaining An Active Mind

The practice of yoga originates in the mind, as it is an integral part of your yoga routine. Your mind is the one that identifies how your yoga routine will be. It really doesn’t matter your physical strength, how flexible you are, or you are under or over weight.

The truth is, when your mind is unable to concentrate fully on your yoga practicing, your yoga routine will suffer ultimately. The mind is insistently dominant, which is the chief problem. When you are trying to practice a complicated pose for the first time then your mind advises you that the yoga pose is too hard and it is difficult for you to practice.

There may be chances of having difficulties in practicing that pose. However, you will consider what your mind advices you, finding the pose to be impossible for you to practice and complete.

Apply the same principal to your every day life. There will be some cases where you may be struggling with a problem and unable to stop thinking about it. The problem may keeps you awake even at nights. Thus, your mind is preoccupied, but it will not solve the problem.

Often, your mind is too messy with too much facts and miscellaneous files, however it cannot be effective when trying to think of solutions to your problem. Think of your mind as an overstuffed filing cabinet. The files in your mind are full and running over. Thus, if you look for something you will not know where to begin.

Your mind should not be in this way. It need to be in such a way that it collect information, store it aside in an orderly manner and whenever you are in need of any information, it should be able to provide it out of the files and have it ready for use.

If you allow your minds to take over your life, whenever a problems arises. It regrets about the past and concerns about the future capture the present moment.

There exist some situations where you are no longer living in the present moment and you may find that your joy is gone. You will loose your spontaneity and continuously telling yourself “can’t” or “should.”

Yoga is a great tool in making an overactive mind. It makes you be still and be free from self-imposed restrictions. Yoga when practiced properly quiets the mind and develops peace and tranquility to your mind and body. Try to make this yoga practice as yoga routine in your daily life.

Yoga routine will help you find solutions to problems that you never come across before because of your mind busyness. Whenever you practice your yoga routine for the next time, try to practice allowing your mind empty out.

Try to breathe deeply and always think of your mind as a blackboard. Every time something displays on the blackboard, you take a deep refining breath and remove it. It is a good practice if you keep removing all thoughts that are interrupting you and by doing this you will find yourself in a quieter place.

Practicing this method of removing the interrupting thoughts from your mind will not only help you with your Yoga routine, but also in making you to concentrate on the things you’re doing now. Always try to live in the moment.